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Congrats Phukette! funny, my wife is exactly 23 weeks along! cheers to we're both having late February or early March babies!
Thank you, DA! my wife and I are absolutely excited and happy about the news. Can't wait to meet her. btw, you look too young and hip for being a father yourself
I appreciate the comments, Stray and DA. I'll try to get some back shots up tomorrow. this is really a great wash...looks even better in person.
Thanks guys. Yes, made in Italy. button fly. no Italian stitches for these but tag says MII.
@audit, thanks dude. actually thigh area fits the same as thavar, thanaz, shioner, and tepphar. I don't own any tepphar because every time I give it a shot at store, they make my thighs look big and give that legging effect, I think might be because the carrot style. these sleenkers don't. so I would recommend any one to give it a try if they have bigger thighs. @DC, try them...you'll like them because I know you wear tepphars. they're better cut than tepphar imo
Thanks Weenie. Compare to thavar, waist and hip hug tighter on the sleenkers (you can definitely go beltless if you like); thighs feel the same; sleenker is tapered down below the knees, tighter than thavar for sure. what I like about sleenker is that it's low waist, compare to tepphar which is a carrot cut with high waist line. they are also super comfy.
new sleenker 8.2.4.p very very comfy
What a beautifully photographed shot, Aahz! you can use that as a headshot for auditions and get the gigs for sure. classic style!
Sleenker 8.2.4.p sorry for shirtless pic, just got up..
Thank you, DC!
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