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yes we are!  love them!
Phukette, thanks! you are too kind!  I have a baby girl, she's almost 5 months and already got me wrapped around her tiny finger haha.  Congrats on your baby too!  boy or girl?  I know they grow too fast!
Whats up everyone!  haven't been on here for a long time.  been busy taking care of my baby!  glad to see everyone looking sharp as always!
holly crap, I took the weekend off from the blog and am very pleased to see all these great outfits! Phukette, you layer like a boss, no one does it as good as you do. and i'm with everyone on the beard, keep it. Aahz and Dann, loving the sophistication of your dressy outfits. DC, you make me want to grab a pair of krooley jog. i'm feeling the all black one..trying to wait for a deal on them. Gpoop, like the night out outfit there. and Nasir, yes, good fit on the thavar.
Happy Friday! rocking old school thanaz 8.L.P today with Rogue suede shirt jacket
Wow! lots of really cool washes! i'm excited. thanks for posting, guys! shioner 824y and sleenker 824z are both on my list. some really cool washes for belther and tepphar, but must try in store first. then I saw javi's post of those new blue eyecons, thavar 829j is just badass. and in fact all the blue eyecons look great, i'd rock all of them.
she's definitely a keeper!
that makes a perfect couple! You both look great!
Thanks all. here are couple more pics of the 824p as requested
@Phukette, thanks for the compliment. and you're just being modest. we all know how great you look when you pull off those stylish outfits. try the sleenkers...I highly recommend @Lorna, they look great. nothing wrong with a cool relaxed look. perfect shirt to go with them.
New Posts  All Forums: