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I wonder if they'll pull anything crazy off again like they did last year, bringing TuPac back from the dead! They set the bar pretty high if they're gonna try to top that.  
I found another Spring pair I want. DL 1961 2011 - Amanda in JFK in peach. Look at the zipper detail on the pocket. Want!    
Love them. I'm into white jeans right now. I'm looking to get these J Brand 1550 Grayson jeans. Look how cute the cargo pockets are....   J Brand | 1550 Grayson Jeans    
I just bought the Madewell Blanknyc skinny jean in the bow pattern, and am loving them. Now I want more patterned jeans! These are all the ones I have my eye on. What are your favorites out there?   AG Jeans | Heart Pattern Jean Short   AG Jeans | Floral Pattern Jeans     Madewell | Polka Dotted Pattern Jeans   Madewell | Bow Pattern Jeans   YMI Jeans | The Dye Pattern Jeans
Phukette -   A wedding in Ireland.. what a dream. And building a new house? Double dream. Enjoy the time of work!!!
There's so many good ones! Here are my faves...    JESSICA CHASTAIN Georgio Armani   I love the combo of her soft red hair with her golden dress.       AMY ADAMS Oscar De La Renta   Loooove the texture on the skirt of her dress.           SANDRA BULLOCK Harry Winston Jewelry   This black lace & beadwork is exquisite.  
I do like the idea of DIY them yourself, so you could add cool patterns that fit your style! What patches would you add?   I'd add some cool, faded, boy scout, vintage patches...    
Eric,   I ended up doing the same thing you did! Ha ha. We stopped by Best Buy and they had an awesome sale going on for their Nikons. So I went with Nikon. The guy said if I'm not going to do videography, then Nikons are great. Canons have better video capability so sometimes they're priced higher because of that. I'm super happy with it so far!
That is soooo funny. Something I'd do. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! So exciting. Where are you guys getting married?
Happy Valentines Day everybody! Anybody have fabulous plans?    I am spending it with my in-laws who are in town. Good thing they're way cool and we celebrated last week already. Anybody going on a date with their in-laws too? ha ha.    
New Posts  All Forums: