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Thanks mates.   So I'll choose pair of braddom 888p.
me too
thanks. didn't know that.
  I have the same question. Is it worth to buy thavar 888p for 300$ if I can buy braddom 888p for 180$ and spend 120$ or little bit more on another wash?   What do you guys think?
@Aahz  great fit as usual aahz. Can you tell me is that boots black or coffee bean color?   Thanks
I love this boots (Diesel Basket Butch Boots) @Aahz fit.
I want thavar 888p for 175$ too    Expires: Mar 25, 2013   I think I missed it :(
Hello. What do you think, what is the best black wash of Diesel? Which one is your favorite?
Is it still working?  The promotional code you entered is not valid.
nice. from ebay?
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