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Nice pair of 811P Aramis. Hope it'll be my next summer wash to buy. Agree with baltimore. 
braddom 888p was on a France yoox online store. I think 881z too. 2 days ago.
20% on yoox till 15th april.
can you post a fit pics?
hmm. thavar 8880m l32 inseam is about 85cm if I measure it correctly. can anyone confirm this?
@laisnata thanks mate. hope it will fit perfectly.   @shlomi very nice fit. great pair of 888p.
if thavar 8880m l32 fits perfect, thavar 888p l32 will be a shorter?   ouch 
Thanks. I fount it. price is like 250$.
wohooooo I bought another one of my favorite wash. Thavar 880m (36X32) for 117Euros. 
what a beautiful wash. can't wait till I receive it. 
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