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I appreciate the reply. I even contacted someone at Anoname and they were not familiar with the Olivia style either but they admit it may be an old style they have not made for quite some time.   I wish I had a better picture of the jeans I'm trying to identify so I know it's hard to read from that angle.   It would be cool to see someone take the time to put together a site of all the different logos you see on the back of jeans. That way when you see someone...
Sorry, didn't realize it posted twice but I got an error when posting that the thread was not linked; whatever that means.
How about helping me identify what brand of jeans this may be in the attached photo? Thanks.
I'm looking to see if anyone can help me identify the brand of jeans see in the attached pic. Thanks for any suggestions.    
I'm attaching a picture to see if someone can help me identify the brand of jeans being worn. Any guesses? Thanks for any suggestions.  
No one can help me out with this? Has anyone heard of an Olivia style by Anoname?
I bought these on ebay for my wfie. Her sister would like a pair too but I have not been able to find them on ebay or actually anywhere using google. Are these a style they no longer make? Would they possibly be a fake and not a real style. The style name is Olivia.           
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