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 Thanks, yes those are Chrom Black :)
Thank you, Aramis, much appreciate ;)   Today, the reign of 8x2 :D and again one special ;)          
Thanks dude, shoes are Diesel Chrom Black :)  Thank you man, saying same for your Safados ;) Today I wore one of my D2s and took a modified picture ;) 
@Phukette, this jacket ROCKS!!!   888p, again and again, and again...:D  
no diesel wash replaces another...
dude, everything depends of the fabric of the jeans and the wash. If you are in such a doubt, go and try in a shop, otherwise get the same size. which washes are you referring to?
@Aramis and gloriouscafe, Thanks guys ;)   @DC, those shoes are Bikkembergs, but don't know the model. Bought them from YOOX.   Aahz, perfect as usual ;) Where is this place, btw :)
Diesel and Adidas did some washes together several years ago.This wash is a masterpiece IMO - very thick and at the same time very soft. This pair has passed may be more than 20 washes and is still outstanding
        Many thanks for the good words   And today my all time favorite pair - Adi-Thanaz 8HD      
Something special, 882r ;)      
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