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 different cause the base jean fabric is different before the the crafting. see below the actual jean color before you get any fadings, whiskerings, etc... and notice the difference in the blue color. Also as I stated alredy, the first one is very soft, while the second one is very rugged in touch  the problem is that i cannot say which one i like more...both   
 Here some pictires during the day, indoor (comparison pair also fron YOOX) :   
It all depends from the lighting when it comes to 888p.... also camera pictures look different form what 888p looks like in real...
It's really interesting how one wash of jeans can looks be totally different on different pairs. After I received my new 888p pair, I'm suprised, that it is completely different fabric than my old 888Ps. They are so SOFT and SMOOTH, compared to my old, so RIGID and felt like SANDPAPER, 888P. Both pairs are thick. They use a completely different jeans fabric as a basics to do the jeans crafting.   Here are pics of my new pair (flash/no flash on the last...
I can't believe someone other than Arams posts here 
 great fit on that Nudie! :) what's it ?
new price
 Great fit! Today one forgoten may be wash - Keever 8LK 
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