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Brand New (only tried) Sleenker 824p.   Very stretchy fabric.   Measurements (can vary a bit): Waist lying flat: 41cm Thigh at crotch: 28cm Thigh 7cm below: 25.5cm Inseam: 84cm Front rise: 25cm Back rise: 33cm Total Length: 107cm Knee: 19cm Leg opening: 15cm   If you need anything more, just let me know.
3 more pics. seems they are going to the marketplace, despite that the wash rock!      
keep or sell? Isn't it too skinny on me? I haven't worn sleenker so far...    
thavar 816pthavar 823u
 I'm only worries about the back distressing...it will probably become a big hole in a couple of wears
 Please don't tell me after 888p, a new pursuit for the perfect pair in a given wash is comming...
I would suggest go with L30. If thavar 888p runs shorter, that;s because of the prestacking,. This will disappear after the first washing. Again, not to confuse you, but my both L32 888Ps differ a whole inch in length. You van see some posts above in this thread, I have posted pictures of my both 32/32 and you can see the difference. One of them came with no prestacking at all. Go with your usual thavar size.
i have two W32s and they differ almost a size one of each other. but to not confuse you, go with your usual size
walking one of my D2s in Paris...  
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