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I would suggest go with L30. If thavar 888p runs shorter, that;s because of the prestacking,. This will disappear after the first washing. Again, not to confuse you, but my both L32 888Ps differ a whole inch in length. You van see some posts above in this thread, I have posted pictures of my both 32/32 and you can see the difference. One of them came with no prestacking at all. Go with your usual thavar size.
i have two W32s and they differ almost a size one of each other. but to not confuse you, go with your usual size
walking one of my D2s in Paris...  
price reduced
881w without heavy spots
 Thank you buddy, no, I didn't size down, but this pair fits skinnier than my previous one, and also this is it's first wearing :) Where did you buy that new pair btw ? Thanks :)  Not sure what your label looks like. i Think all of them are the same shape, except the leather fading. Could you post yours ? Nothink to say here...  Thank you dude, yes, it's skinny  but will stretch after some wears :)
wearing my new 888p      
 different cause the base jean fabric is different before the the crafting. see below the actual jean color before you get any fadings, whiskerings, etc... and notice the difference in the blue color. Also as I stated alredy, the first one is very soft, while the second one is very rugged in touch  the problem is that i cannot say which one i like more...both   
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