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Both fits good and I would choose the darker one but I am mostly focusing on the color.
Nice pictures. Even though I have seen many pictures of them I got a flashback from like 2008 when I had Diesel kid jeans with that kind of color and those were my favorite pair. Gonna need to grab a pair now! If someone knows where I can find W28 please tell :)
Damn that house is looking good man. Can you hire a 20 year old guy from Sweden? And oh, yes they look amazing :D
I can't see a reason why not? If you like the wash you should get it :)
Well eventually you are going to buy the wrong size. My Thavar 888P 29x30 for example:(. Hopefully you will find them in correct size. 
Ty for pictures but 834F still the grey wash to get imo.
I went to the tailor. For hem with not original 15€ and with 25€. As 8SV + 829B are my favorite pairs I saved some bucks there because Im not gonna sell them and the marketplace is dead. Also they are going to reduce the leg opening from 17cm to 15cm. They are not using the common method where u can see from the back like Joggjeans so for 2 pairs I had to pay 50€. I will get them on next friday 7/11 and I will post pictures on the result. If it works I will hunt for a 834F...
Unfortunately they have been washed because 1 hard party so all the nice 3D on the upper leg is gone. Might also go to the tailor with these to get 14,5-15cm leg opening. 31 will be fine if you wear them often but for perfect fit 32 and few wears and taper leg opening.
No not when I checked either.
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