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My summer purchases, sorry for no Diesel. Not on pics, white tee + suit + white mickey mouse snapback + wallet + rayban club aluminium + raw jeans                 
Nice sneakers, would love the grey suede ones but finding them on sale is kinda impossible. For those who like sneakers look at Axel Arigato makes very cool sneakers. I don't own a pair but I would love a pair. Shoe collection is little too big. 
What you can do is to put more fabric around the knee area so they won't look like tights/leggings(pull up from hem to knee to get creases above knee and not only on the side). But as the others said, they are prob too skinny for your body type. 
You need to take better pictures. From those two angles you can't tell if they are too skinny or not. 
Very nice pair. Almost looks like faded raw but I like these fades too. 
Both fits good and I would choose the darker one but I am mostly focusing on the color.
Nice pictures. Even though I have seen many pictures of them I got a flashback from like 2008 when I had Diesel kid jeans with that kind of color and those were my favorite pair. Gonna need to grab a pair now! If someone knows where I can find W28 please tell :)
Damn that house is looking good man. Can you hire a 20 year old guy from Sweden? And oh, yes they look amazing :D
I can't see a reason why not? If you like the wash you should get it :)
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