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Unfortunately they have been washed because 1 hard party so all the nice 3D on the upper leg is gone. Might also go to the tailor with these to get 14,5-15cm leg opening. 31 will be fine if you wear them often but for perfect fit 32 and few wears and taper leg opening.
No not when I checked either.
@denim addict Thanks. Thavar 880i runs small but not extremely small. Can post some pictures in 12h then u can compare. Guys, RM Williams Wentworth suede, Carmina Chukka 80302 or Wolverine 1000 mile boot with glued rubber sole?
Thanks again @zdenal_cz. Thavar 829B 27x32 for 100€. Doesn't even have a blue inner size tag but I don't care because for me they look like a 829B to me:).   Now I bought Thavar 880i this summer and they were really tight in 28 but now they are fine. These aren't as tight as my 880i so size down is a must, if I would have bought them in 28 they would have had a little more room in the thighs but I am sure they will stretch a bit and they aren't too tight imo. But...
Great review and what about sizing? I can button a 28 but I am pre-season training for the ski season which make the legs bigger and I don't want the training tights fit. 
Thanks @zdenal_cz bought 829B but DHL doesn't leave a note when you're not home? 
Phukette, too long :/ but you should be alright if you want to cuff them. 
Get W31 if u don't wear them too often else W30 is the way to go. Yes they will be very tight if u size down and you have to wear them a couple of times and after that they just loose the stiffness totally.
I agree with that kinda of money on a pair of jeans and you have to modify it, not funny. That's the main reason why I am not purchasing right now. Off topic: I haven't received a single PM from a EU buyer regarding my jeans that I am selling:( 
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