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Owned them for 2 years but I am a 28. 29 looks better but then the waist is a little too big:/
Thavar 888P in 29:/
Because a slim jeans from every brand with a belt is decent looking. Not too tight and not too loose. The diff isn't worth the price says my friends.
Yes please. 
Nice pictures guys. Haven't been able to wear jeans for almost 2 months now, really warm here in Sweden:)
That pair was knocking on my door and then YOOX contacted UPS and cancelled the delivery. And for those who says they will come 3 times, they don't :). I have to sell now before I start purchasing again. 
Thavar 880i + Old old BPX Joggjeans from YOOX. Impossible to find joggjeans in 26 for a good price imo.   
I bought Thavar 888P. Last pair in 28x32:D 
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