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If you care about the width of the seam when cuffing you should go with inseam. To taper you have to cut open the outer seam and then the original seam will spread out so it will be wider. Nothing to bother about if not cuffing but if you want to have width of the outer seam as it should be then yes.    I only want to taper from inseam when I have selvedge jeans. Otherwise outer is fine for me. 
Yes. Works well. I pay approx 30€ for tapering from outer seam and 50€ for inseam. I went with outer because it is cheaper and not selvedge. I went from 17cm to 15cm. My latest raw/dry denim I had them tapered to 16.5 which but with Thavar I would go 15.5-16. 
NICE man! You got more RAWs so just take the gamble and wash these. Then for your next pair you will know when they look like that pre-wash if you should wait, wash before or wash now. 
Nice!!! Now you have to post some decent quality pictures with them on!
  Women jeans is your only option. Cheap Monday/Weekday maybe but if you can't take them to a tailor then Women is your only option.
Thanks Phukette. They are just showing how immature they... Max 10 posts were something of value, but thanks. I think I will go for the carrot fit and yea halfway down the calves should do the trick. Just need to find someone who got machines and knowledge to sew the inseam instead of the selvedge seam. 
Thank you for a great answer. Both pairs got 18 cm leg opening. I have always had 17cm or less so to me I it looks little too wide because I think 17cm with pleats or 16-16,5 jeans are the way to go for me(Size 28 skinny build).   I didn't notice the pocket bag showing until someone mentioned it but again yes it should not be seen but at the same time it could be worse? What about the cuff gap on the left leg on the inside? It is like you could fill that gap with water...
Hello again,   I recently joined rawdenim on Reddit and now I am getting toasted about the fit:(...      https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/3kss5x/fit_check_3sixteen_st100x120x/    I have pretty much said my opinion about the fit. Yes they would look even better with some more room in the thighs but for me they are not so much more tighter than my Diesels. And my main question was about how much I should get tapered and the proper title should have been...
I got ST120x and ST100x from 3Sixteen,  both in size 28. Upper block fits alright but very restrictive and then 18 cm leg opening which is just too much for me as a 28. I wear one pair above my ankles so they look fine but would prefer 16-16.5cm to be honest. 
Slim/skinny raw looks so good. I am little unhappy with my fit on one pair so when I get them tapered I will post. 
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