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Get W31 if u don't wear them too often else W30 is the way to go. Yes they will be very tight if u size down and you have to wear them a couple of times and after that they just loose the stiffness totally.
I agree with that kinda of money on a pair of jeans and you have to modify it, not funny. That's the main reason why I am not purchasing right now. Off topic: I haven't received a single PM from a EU buyer regarding my jeans that I am selling:( 
First of all, I really appreciate the text and effort you put in it. Not everyone is happy to put so much text in their first post. Moving on the the fit. Recently I started to cuff my jeans to get a much slimmer leg opening, because 17 cm leg opening is just too much when wearing "slim" shoes. It just look ridiculous having much jeans down the ankle and wear a sporty sneaker like NB 420 <- MY OPINION!!   I read a lot of Swedish male fashion bloggers and I noticed that...
Mod edit: please restrict any marketplace related posts to the marketplace please.
Squats works for me to get rid of the extrem stiffness. A little sweat often does the job. 
Nice Phukette, I absolutely love my 8SV too. I think that it's my best fitting pair and maybe I should get it tapered a little more and do a pre stacking? 
Glad you like them:D Then it's definitely the best pair I have seen! I totally agree.  To all please share if you have gone to a tailor and asked them to make the lower leg slimmer with pictures. 
DA, have you used the starch method or does your pair have perfect stacking because it looks perfect!
Nice DA!
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