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That pair was knocking on my door and then YOOX contacted UPS and cancelled the delivery. And for those who says they will come 3 times, they don't :). I have to sell now before I start purchasing again. 
Thavar 880i + Old old BPX Joggjeans from YOOX. Impossible to find joggjeans in 26 for a good price imo.   
I bought Thavar 888P. Last pair in 28x32:D 
They look so fcking nice. Only 130 pairs? If so that explains the price.   Offtopic: Is it possible to make a RAW MTM japanese denim to look like 8BT? What do you guys think? 
"Are those reebok or nike"?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ4c54rCJ_k
Uploading pics, never washed or altered. 
My price or offers on multiple.   Tepphar 804K 28x30 115€ Thanaz 73J 27x32 150€ Shioner 805A 28x32 85€ Tepphar 604A 26x32 75€ Thavar 807C 27x32 80€ Shioner 817H 27x30 85€   Braddom 888P 27x32 70€ Thavar 882R 29x32 30€   DBG "PEACOCK" BG82D W28 30 DBG "FEASTS" BG81C W28 30€   *NEW* Diesel Shoes IKADUA Blue UK8/EU42 80€   Diesel "Rooby" Shirt Small 40€ http://www.asos.com//Diesel/Diesel-Rooby-Denim-Long-Sleeve-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2242630 Diesel...
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