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Thats a great fit Phukette! Have you started running because your thighs seem much slimmer than before. 
Very nice man! Maybe try it first on some old pairs before so you get it right? 
I had 2 pairs of Tepphar 804k in size 28 that fit perfectly at first but then after 10 wears they were more like a 29. It's hard to know before you wear them thats all I can help you with:)
You don't mention any problems button them up and they look fine. I would say keep. 
Very nice DA! 
Yeah but I was thinking that we pay someone to "create" it based on forums we like and put that together in a new site? 
Speaking freely now. What about starting a new site? We can all add money and later if we are more active it will lead to more members and we can have some ads? 
Thanks @Denim Collector have you read the new thread I started? Is it something that people want? 
Thanks, fit on jacket coming and jeans when I get better lightning to show the fades. Tbh I am really happy about the fit right now. They stretched just the right amount and I feel like this is how I almost would have wanted a pair to fit if I had a tailor made to measure.      Quote:Thanks. Fit is surprisingly good. Sleeves are good, not too much stacking under the arm. It does stay in place when not done and that's the problem I've noticed with my other jackets that the...
I think we should start sharing some items that we want but for some reason chose not to buy and you think that someone else should buy it. In addition we help each other find items that you are looking for at the best price. In my opinion we should have this thread locked for member and can only be seen by active users? What do you guys think?   I start with jeans from Frame Denim found at "Oki" I recently...
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