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I would say TTS from my experience. Swedish premium brands size after blazer/jacket so if you are a 48 in a blazer then you are 99% a M also. I would go for large if you plan on wearing very very much layers but M to get the fit that the coat is designed to be worn like imo. 
I would grab the Jericho if they were a little cheaper because in that price point I already have my eyes on a Zip shirt in suede from Our Legacy:/ I also bought skis for 1k
maybe hahaha, they are still available. Then you have owned 28, 29 and a 30 hahah:) 
Holy shit I def should buy!!! Just that 249€ is low so someone should have grabbed them when they got listed so now I don't feel spending 249 if I can get them for 200... Fck I could barely button up a pair of W28 raw in the beginning so maybe 30 with belt can be pulled off? I also need to taper them but maybe I will ruin the authentic feel of them then.... Well time for zzz here in EU so tomorrow I will think more about it... Maybe I can buy these and swap with DC... no...
They look really good. Would be super nice if you could take time to do some fit pics and next to your 8BT. My latest purchase are skis and a "handheld garment steamer":) Weird thing we got sun in south Sweden atm so I might also post some pictures on my raws. Happy sunday everyone :) 
Looking good DA. DC those look pretty good but I don't own a pair of 8BT/242 so I have to rate them higher. I want to fade my own 8BT but who knows which fabric they used... 
If you care about the width of the seam when cuffing you should go with inseam. To taper you have to cut open the outer seam and then the original seam will spread out so it will be wider. Nothing to bother about if not cuffing but if you want to have width of the outer seam as it should be then yes.    I only want to taper from inseam when I have selvedge jeans. Otherwise outer is fine for me. 
Yes. Works well. I pay approx 30€ for tapering from outer seam and 50€ for inseam. I went with outer because it is cheaper and not selvedge. I went from 17cm to 15cm. My latest raw/dry denim I had them tapered to 16.5 which but with Thavar I would go 15.5-16. 
NICE man! You got more RAWs so just take the gamble and wash these. Then for your next pair you will know when they look like that pre-wash if you should wait, wash before or wash now. 
Nice!!! Now you have to post some decent quality pictures with them on!
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