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3Sixteen ST-100X size 28. Will post fit pictures on both when I get them hemmed.   
At the time I was a 27 and stretched out pretty nicely because I am a 28 now. So my answer is size down if u are going to wear them a lot(3-4 times a week) otherwise go for TS. Mine are also tapered to 15 cm fyi. 
My 99€ 829B... Been washed like seven times so...
Yupp. Indoor slippers from ECCO, we have a dog so it's for protecting the socks hahaha. I often wear my Nike Inneva Woven or Vans. Nike Flyknit Racer Oreo has been ordered and will post when I get them. 
I probably should tuck the shirt in but then It looks like I am trying to hard imo.   
3Sixteen ST-120x Shadow Selvage RAWs. Will post pictures later when I go to bed. Was to eager to put them on and now I can't take them off because I need to stretch the waist. These look like black denim and with wear electric blue will be shown. So stoked.    Also have ST-100x normal indigo incoming this or next week.    I feel like I am good on jeans now unless Diesel release a super wash. 
What Dieselicious said. Diesel has lost those kind of simple washes to other brands. Now they have to either go back 2 steps and focus on doing the best mid(150€-200€) level jeans or keep releasing crazy washes and increase the price even more. 
Yes I see your point but maybe my example was bad. Lets say Jeans are t-shirts and Chinos are shirts. The shirt owner will be the "better dressed" than the one who wear a t-shirt. The Preppy culture is taking over and streetwear is losing market. I can't tell for your country but here definitely.    Therefore most people will buy Chinos instead of a pair of Nudie(Same price range here). The result is that people think Chino are the "better pants" than jeans which...
Thank you for posting and sharing your vision.    I guess the RAW/Dry denim is something more common where you come from but here in Sweden there are 2 groups of raw. The ones who fade them and those who use them as "smart casual". I wear a pair of raws now and yes I like them but the fit is not even close to pre-washed denim. I guess I should be looking into raw with some elastane/strech but then many models with good fades are often 100%.    There is also one thing...
I will not deny that I have sold almost my entire collection. The ones I am keeping are Thanaz 8SV and 829B.   There was a time when you could sell your pair for the same amount of money that your bought them for(888P) or even more(73J). Now days I can barely ask for 50€ for a pair in 7-9.5/10 condition. But there is one guy who has bought almost every pair I owned and he is living in Thailand. I am aware of him selling them for much more than he paid me but for some...
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