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the 6o8j is nothing like the 824pmi have both,the 824p is quite a bright blue incomparison to the 608j,the latter are a kind of snow wash then the bleaching effect in patches,hope this is a help
ok cheers for the input guys,can we make others aware of this  please mods
sorry for being a cretin but does this mean its fraudulent??
how can you be sure??
http://www.dieselblackgoldjeans.com/   im really not sure if this is legit or not.the prices are a massive reduction on all products.i ordered a pair of jeans almost two weeks ago and so far nothing,i had an email to say payment was successful but nothing about shipping.ive emailed them 3 times with no reply,the longer this goes on the more I think I may have been had,what do you guys reckon???
 i will try and do that in the next couple of days,dont forget the dirt has washed out though!!:(
bought a pair last week,beautiful wash,a kind of mid blue in an 80's type way with a dirty sand blast,one of my favourite washes i think,size wise i reckon i could have gone down from a 29 to a 28 as with them being mid weight i reckon they will give quite a bit,this is where i had bit of a disaster,i nuked them in the washing machine to shrink them down to my size which worked,unfortunately the dirty wash came out in one hit!!!still have the sand blast fading and...
ive bought from most of my diesel jeans the past 4 years or so from you guys,gotta say your service is first class and with no quibble returns too.when im looking for diesel jeans i hit your ebay site first always :)
curiosity got the better of me and i ordered a pair of tepphar for comparison,i reckon they might be too loose on my thigh though to look skinny.hopefully they will be here tomorrow
i like that wash,proper faded out ,worn in whatever you want to call it
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