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Ramirez, thanks for the great review. Wondering how do you find the fit of Thanaz 887K? I noticed that we both bought the same size. W29 for 805a and W30 for 887K   Now i finally understand why many say 805A is the dark wash version of 888p. One photo for comparison 888p,805a,887k    
  Thanks for the suggestion Phukette. Will try that with a navy shirt.      Aramis, 29W 32L. Couldn't find a 30L.
Thavar 801C with heather grey plain tee Any recommendation what top I can wear with 801C?          
Nice Aramis! love this wash!
Ramirez, would definitely look forward to see you in both 887K and 805A if oyu have the time to take some photos By the way, what is the size you got for both wash? I'm now torn between keeping or returning. will give myself the weekend to think through.   Thanks Aramis buddy.   Hi Ronlol do you have fit photo of your 887K?  
Hi Baltimore, thanks for your frank opinion. I'm inclined to exchange to Shioner 805A, will it be a better choice? 
Hi guys, my Thanaz 887K has arrived. what do you think of the fit? should i keep or return?   Have size up by one and ordered a W30 but it is still tighter than my 888P W29.          
Wearing 888P W29x32 which I bought from Baltimore last week.        
Buddies, thanks for all your advice. Decided to get it!   Like Ramirez, I just placed an order for 30/30. WIll arrive in 3-4 biz days.
Hi guys   If I'm a W29 for Thavar 888p, what is the equivalent size for Thanaz 887K? Is it W30?
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