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Ty. I'm not a big fan of the back pockets on the darron Would thavar be looser in the thigh than safado? Also, r they true to size or should I size up/down? Thx
Hi All,   I have:   - size 32 larkees that are a perfect fit on the waist, but too loose in the thighs. - size 32 safados are too tight in the thigh and too loose in the waist. - size 33 safados that are perfect in the thighs, but too loose on the waist. - size 32 Viker 73n's which fit perfectly in the thigh and waist, but i prefer the slimmer look of the safados.   Can anyone suggest another cut to try?   ty
  In theory, vikers should fit looser than safados and tighter than larkees, but the fit is dependent on the wash - some viker's fit tighter than safados, some fit looser than larkees and some fit in between like they *should*   Best would be to try the wash on or ask about it here if you can't.
I'm curious what wash this is too, and if anyone ever figures it out, is it a tight/loose fitting viker cut?   Thx  
Depending on the wash you're looking for, some Viker's may suit you.  For example, viker 73n's are almost as tight as my safado 885r's, and viker 803w's are even tighter.  On the other hand another Viker wash I tried was looser than my larkees.  Very inconsistent :(  
My 74w larkees are 32 x 32.  I think they're legit as the label with the silver micro stitching looks the same as the larkees i bought from the diesel outlet store.
Ya those look pretty dark :(   I like the looks here:  http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/20600#post_1760564   Here are the ones I plan on buying:  http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s288/mischief20x/set5/IMG_2568.jpg   In my pics the it looks like more of a "royal blue" color in the wash.  The lighting is helping.  I think I'm going to gamble and go for it as i've been OCDing for about a week now ;)  Wait, I better try on...
Interesting you say the 74w larkees are soft because I have a pair and they aren't as soft as my 8J4's.  I hope they're not fakes!  I posted about them here:    http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread/9525#post_1762533   I really like the look of the 73n and I was just about to buy some vikers but now I'm on the fence :(   The safado 888r's look pretty nice but I liked the look of the 73n's better.  I need to try some more safados...
I can't seem to find where the wash is listed on yoox.com.  Anyone know what this wash is?   http://yoox.com/ca/42258865BU/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42258865BU&sizeId=6   Or does anyone know a safado wash similar to 73n? Thx
how about this ebay seller: i*love*hot*fashion   http://www.ebay.ca/itm/271041488905?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649   am i too paranoid?   thx
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