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purchased. thank you
^ i have two pairs of slp denim jeans. one grey, one raw 17.5 cm selvedge. dig the fit of the 17.5! if you dont mind me asking, where did you find 17.5 cm black slp's? 100% cotton? cant seem to find em anywhere. still love dior, just switching it up now and again..
this is great info. thank you
^ that's what I thought. With all of the raws I have none of them have had that issue before.
if the dior logo has come off the leather tag does that mean the jeans arent authentic? dude says the logo came off at the dry cleaners.
Has dior ever had top button closure as opposed the fastening closure on their denim? thanks in advance
Does anyone know if yoox has any discount codes going on right now?
Thank you jordiesel for the info!
Thank u for that. Is the sloth cut like The excess cut at all? Skinnier?
Can someone tell me what model these are? http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/diesel-black-gold-worn-jean-item-10106094.aspx Also has anyone ordered from far fetch before? Thanks in advance.
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