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So whenever you are stressful and you simply feel to take it out on someone else. Is that your fuckin explanation? Wow! How righteous you think you are?   If you are a decent human being, then sincerely, properly and directly apologize to me.
Appreciate the last two responses. All I said was it seems for a tapered fit with narrow leg opening and big waist, the shape appears to be of cone, which makes it more feminine. The bigger the waist the shape becomes more prominent. For Thanaz fit, it seems more worse as the waist is proporationately much looser. Asked if this is true for every Thanaz wash or only for 74K.   Mod edit: disrespectful behaviour.
I didn't say you are fat. Can you say yourself skinny person? Still you didn't give your opinion who skinny can be.   Can I call you and other two idiots who replied after you also dick to be fair.
Who do you generally consider skinny person? Anyone who has more than 30W and proportionate body may not be skinny, right?   Sizes 36W are available (not sure what maximum they go) are available in Thanaz. A person wearing size 36W might not look right in slim or  tapered fit, I imagine. How can they consider be skinny anyway with that waist size?   In my opinion, the bigger the waist size become, the more feminine the person looks in tapered or slim fit. 30W is...
I am not a skinny person.   Tried new Thanaz 74K, waist is much more loose (like 2 size difference) relative to the thighs and calves fit. If I try for lower waist size, then can't able to fit in thighs at all. It's very disproportinate fit. Thavar looks more proper, though both are skinny.   Also Thanaz sag (very loose at crotch and back) like krooley, even though jeans is new. Not sure how much they become loose after few wears and washes. Is this what you also...
esheen13:   I feel you may not receive any jeans, let alone fake ones.   Did you get any reply for your email? Send an email immediately and if you won't gey any reply ASAP, call credit card company or paypal, ask them to cancel the transaction. Report as fraud. Some credit cards covers the fraud transactions.
Before you purchase on a website that seems deceptive, generally click on tabs on webpage "About Us" and "Contact Us".   If those links do not show physical address and telephone number for contact, then most likely that site is very suspicious and fraud. Because they are not leaving any clues to contact directly.
That's true. Second reason can be, this particular wash is either sold out elesewhere or hard to get now, Either way, I feel the wash is very good. Looks DNA to me.   Can it be either 8Y3 or 882B (looks not, because I have 882B)?  Is it some other fit tagged as safado by mistake?
Never heard safado costing more than $600 before? Anyone know what's the code is? I can think of 882B close to this wash, but it do not cost that much. Thanks.   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/g-hope/item/10008059/
The concept of Narrot and Jogg jeans is very revolting to me, let alone thinking, buying and the audacity to wearing them. My hats off to your courage 118i.
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