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I guess you just buy new only , but, I have a few sorta  dark washes that have been washes a few times, (not too many times) in 30x 32 I have a 70c, 74W,73N, pm me if ever interested.
Hey, thank you, the ebay seller of these wrote me back and said  the wash is "blue regular ", so,I guess some people don't know about washes. I dont have any 88Z but I do have ohter dark washes, what size do you wear ?
Will someone identify the wash of these Zathan ?
Anyone know this Zathan wash ?   Thanks
Hello again You got me looking for a Zathan 710 now ! Can only find the 2006 710, just concerned about the color, are the about the same as any other zathan washes like T08, T60 or 8AT ? Or how do they differ ?   Thanks
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