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Those seem to be good wash that will go with anything-I should try to get a wash like that, so many of the really distressed/3D type washes are difficult to find a shirt that looks good with them...
too bad you sold 772 ! 888b, don't know that wash, I see a lot 888a, 'newer' washes I guess ? Most of the Zathan washes I have are the 7** washes,tend to be thicker denim than most of the 8** washes, I just like the thick/heavy washes the most-they can take whatever you through at them, and last longer...
I agree-loved zathan,tried the straighter cuts for a while, but back to re-collecting and wearing most of the classic Zathans again-cant beat the fit ,which is MOST important to me ,and the look. I have 26 pairs of Zathan still and 5 Zatiny, also 2 Backler and Zaf 796. What Zathans do you still have/size ?...
IMO, I agree T13 may be the best, but, later I look at another one of my zathan washes ,then that one is my favorite ! lol- as an example just last week I  got a BNWT Zathan  70L, new favorite ?
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