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 FYI I got it do not bleach, it is a Japanese symbol-it's on all Diesel jeans though
cool, thanks man great chart-still not sure of the one that sorta looks like a beaker with what I think is Japanese lettering in the "beaker' and has X (crossed out) over the beaker..
So I am totally domestically challenged especially regarding doing laundry as I have some of my people take care of this for me-can someone post the exact definitions of the care symbols on the tags?  One in particular is the symbol that to me looks like a beaker with water in it-no idea what that is....   peace thanks
Looks good. Any cut with a somewhat larger leg opening doesn't give the "clown feet" look like skinny/tiny leg opening jeans that are trending, that the designers are pushing on the public to wear, IMO
I too am curious, and hope it is not an educated guess by the various stores, outlet,s etc. Maybe the general denim buying public is not as concerned  if their jeans are thick as I much as I am and yourself so the manufactures see no need to put the oz. on the label-it is getting to be way too much effort these days to find a nice, substantial denim, but I will continue because IMO,  thicker is quality all around when it comes to spending this kind of money...
FYI another example- You had a Viker 885S = 12.00 oz,   Just found this info on an Asian denim store-so, ya, it's just hit or miss as to which stores wish to include the denim oz.
Two premium denim stores that come to mind that show the exact denim oz,. both online and in-store, are THE JEAN SHOP and SELF EDGE-just 2 examples, so ,if a seller does his research, they can give us the denim oz. for a particular jeans that we want, but, I think a lot of sellers just go by hear-say when indicating denim oz. of their jeans, this blog too, different members have different ideas on the oz. of the same wash...
Well, I would hope they are researching the washes,brand, etc. like I do, to look at other listings for the same jean, or SOME manufacturers and SOME retail stores list the oz. on their description like I mentioned above, and I hope they are not guessing the denim weight-may I ask,where did YOU find the 14.5 oz. information for your unbranded? I assume you found the oz. on the description of that raw jean  Still, the denim oz. is not the weight of the finished jean, it is...
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