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word, I only have 1 thinner diesel wash at the moment and all the rest are heavy denim- they last way longer and can take a beating, even wash more often if ya care to...Also, I an sure you probably know, but if not, oz. is the weight for 1 square yard of denim that will be used for a given jean wash...
8ZT:10 OZ 770:14 OZ    Lotta contrast in weight, eh ?
I had Zaghor, from what I recall they are a little looser everywhere, bigger knee measurement also, than Zathan ,higher front and back rise and a larger leg opening  Length differs a little on different Zathans as well as Zaghors so I can't help with that sizing description...  so I might recommend Zaghor if you have large muscular legs otherwise Zathan if long, slim legs IMO
more good info details, I would guess I have around 50 pairs of Diesels but as to mohawk tag side of pants,etc. I just have never noticed things like that, I have always just look at and feel the denim and get what I think is a jean that I will wear, thanks bud...
  Good to know, thank you!
For real!... I remember when bootcut was trending the skinny/tapered, etc. became hideous... the circle of trends changes...
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