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For real !
Thanks, yeah, i DO have 772, 71j, 73h which I wore yesterday for the first time, and zaf 796. i also have a zathan 713 and a Backler T13 which are both nice and thick denim, so I shouldn't complain I guess, but when these wear out and all the mentioned 7xx washes not on  available eBay anymore , that's what I am worried about !  Just be cool if they could just make a wash or 2 every year that is heavy (12 oz, - 14 oz.) denim.
Really ! I agree. what's so difficult about producing heavy 100% cotton ? That thin stuff just flaps and blows in the wind,doesn't lay right over shoes IMO.   They do not have to do alot of work on them,just give me a HEAVY denim, sand blast them a little and I'm good.
Thanks man good information !-,yea, I am really stuck on thick diesel denim-they just seem to fit me better as well as look better on me and of coarse the thicker they are they will usually last longer-if you happen to hear of any current (last 2-3 years) Zathan washes that are heavy,please post here and i guess i will have to try to get down to a store sometime feel the various washes.
Just an FYI , there is a Backler 713 on ebay right now, too big for me 33x32, $40.00 1 day left-anyway ,you can see compare the 713 and the T13.
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