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Hey bud, lay out those momotaros out on the floor or somewhere, and take some detailed pics , like to see what I can expect on wears !
cool ! Japan has some great jeans! The Iron Heart is also Japanese got my raw Flare glenn'sSept 30Th looking pretty niceI don't wear them daily, because I like to wear my Zathan's got about 60 pairs LOL-as far as the Iron Heart's, I don't know about when I would see any"wearing" due to the heavy weight, maybe some day bequeath them to my children them grandchildren before any cool wear LOLHey DC do your Momotaro have the white Battle Stripes? I ask because I ordered a...
Correction Iron Heart 461 100% cotton selvage denim. Selfedge is the store's name
Very heavy 21 oz raw denim-this will be a totally new experience for me with this heavy denim weight raw- my raw flare Glenn's are nice but they are about 14oz- actually like a slower fade like the iron hearts, I realt like to have some that stay just a cool raw condition-check out Selfedge 461 online if you want a lot more details with these
Hello! Yes I have but no raw bootcut or what I consider a slim BOOTCUT but thanks for reply! Actually I did find one finally at Selfedge so I ordered the last pair in my size It's called iron heart raw slim BOOTCUT for $335.00 shipped , man,they better be nice lol !
Anyone know if any company is still currently making a raw denim boot cut for men?  I pretty much only like  Zathan  fit so I DO have a raw Nudie Flare Glenn but these have been discontinued for years so no hope of finding those anymore.
 FYI I got it do not bleach, it is a Japanese symbol-it's on all Diesel jeans though
cool, thanks man great chart-still not sure of the one that sorta looks like a beaker with what I think is Japanese lettering in the "beaker' and has X (crossed out) over the beaker..
So I am totally domestically challenged especially regarding doing laundry as I have some of my people take care of this for me-can someone post the exact definitions of the care symbols on the tags?  One in particular is the symbol that to me looks like a beaker with water in it-no idea what that is....   peace thanks
Looks good. Any cut with a somewhat larger leg opening doesn't give the "clown feet" look like skinny/tiny leg opening jeans that are trending, that the designers are pushing on the public to wear, IMO
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