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Hey, so how's the momotaro's comming along?  For me, have never worn the Iron Heart 461-cannot button them lol ! $335 down the drain, if anyone likes a brand new pair 29x34 p.m. me
Hey bud, just an FYI, I know many months later, but, if you like raw denim. Iron Heart has the denim weight right there on the tags-check out Self Edge store, I just got their Iron Heart 461 raw 21oz for $335.00 free shipping and I ordered a Iron Heart 464 from a Japan online store , also tad shows these are both 21oz  They also sell a lot of raw jeans with lighter weight like 18 oz
Hey bud, lay out those momotaros out on the floor or somewhere, and take some detailed pics , like to see what I can expect on wears !
cool ! Japan has some great jeans! The Iron Heart is also Japanese got my raw Flare glenn'sSept 30Th looking pretty niceI don't wear them daily, because I like to wear my Zathan's got about 60 pairs LOL-as far as the Iron Heart's, I don't know about when I would see any"wearing" due to the heavy weight, maybe some day bequeath them to my children them grandchildren before any cool wear LOL
Correction Iron Heart 461 100% cotton selvage denim. Selfedge is the store's name
Very heavy 21 oz raw denim-this will be a totally new experience for me with this heavy denim weight raw- my raw flare Glenn's are nice but they are about 14oz- actually like a slower fade like the iron hearts, I realt like to have some that stay just a cool raw condition-check out Selfedge 461 online if you want a lot more details with these
Hello! Yes I have but no raw bootcut or what I consider a slim BOOTCUT but thanks for reply! Actually I did find one finally at Selfedge so I ordered the last pair in my size It's called iron heart raw slim BOOTCUT for $335.00 shipped , man,they better be nice lol !
Anyone know if any company is still currently making a raw denim boot cut for men?  I pretty much only like  Zathan  fit so I DO have a raw Nudie Flare Glenn but these have been discontinued for years so no hope of finding those anymore.
 FYI I got it do not bleach, it is a Japanese symbol-it's on all Diesel jeans though
cool, thanks man great chart-still not sure of the one that sorta looks like a beaker with what I think is Japanese lettering in the "beaker' and has X (crossed out) over the beaker..
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