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Hey! Yes, they look fine. They will stretch back out with a little wear. If they seen to be too funky smelling just wash again with a bit more of the Woolite and agitate. I would also suggest when drying not to fold in any way next time , sometimes you can get unwanted creases at the folded areas, just hang straight. If you are not seeing the deep creasings, wiskers, honeycombs etc fast enough you can spray starch them while you are wearing them to "crisp" them up sort...
ame="Mark A" url="/c/t/233713/breaking-in-issue#post_1838009"]This is them on. This shows the colour more accurately. As you can see a bit on tight side.[/quote] [quote n
No problem! Damn, you're really applying alot of cool work on those, they will look great. I did sell those on ebay, and bought 2 momo 0505, 3 Sugar Cane bootcut, 2 The Flat Head 3007, 1 Pure Blue Japan xx-004 , an Iron Heart 464 and a Samuari bootcut-purchased all from Japan because bootcut are not popular anymore, but several shops in Japan still sell them There are a couple shops that sell raw bootcut here in the States, Blue in Green and Blue Owl, but they are way...
Like to mention-all those other processes that you mentioned are a good first choice, but, ya, when those options are, alas, are not enough, then I suggest to go with the method the washing that I mentioned... And, you're welcome, any time bud!
If ANY brand of raw denim gets dirty/smelly just wash .The denim will last way longer with washing rather than "not washing for 6 months" , that's all from people that don't what they are talking about (and no chick will ever want to be near you either). You can just wash in cold water by hand with a little Woolite for darks and hand agitate, rinse with cold water, the lay them on a towel and smooth out ALL the wrinkles and let dry like that or outside in shade-if they...
Discard DSUBMITPREVIEWDraft Savedraft4 Unread  ‹ Page 1144 of 1144  DenimBlog.com is proudly sponsored byVery cool, Momotaro stand out probably the most out of  any Japanese denim for sure-I have 2 Momotaro NO0505SP- but WAY to new to post pics!
Zathan 730  29x32
Hey, so how's the momotaro's comming along?  For me, have never worn the Iron Heart 461-cannot button them lol ! $335 down the drain, if anyone likes a brand new pair 29x34 p.m. me
Hey bud, just an FYI, I know many months later, but, if you like raw denim. Iron Heart has the denim weight right there on the tags-check out Self Edge store, I just got their Iron Heart 461 raw 21oz for $335.00 free shipping and I ordered a Iron Heart 464 from a Japan online store , also tad shows these are both 21oz  They also sell a lot of raw jeans with lighter weight like 18 oz
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