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I don't think I will ever like this kinda wash...
Love 4 but not the front whiskering. 2 and 3 look nice on you and the wash also look more natural. I like No.1 the least because the pocket design is so-so and the whiskering in the front and back of knee is really strange for some reason.
Or at least divided into Male and Female section.
Quote: Originally Posted by kissmequick ^ not sad when you actually think about it, he's a reseller and makes a decent profit off all of them. In fact I would say it's quite impressive. In fact according to his own words in AF, the profit is not decent at all after deducting all the fees, income tax, employee's paycheck and S&H. He said he makes only like $15 a pair on average. Selling all 80 pairs can only raise him about $1K profit which is not...
She can do a 29.
I suggest sticking to the same size as Lowkys and Matics. I did and they're just fine.
3rd pair is fake.
Yeah they're short, but nice legs. Maybe you can wear them with black tights and boots? That'd be cute too. =)
They were on sale at Nordstrom couple weeks ago. I actually tried on my usual size 25 but I couldn't get them pass my butt... do they run small or did I grow a whole size?
Not a big fan of the wash but the fit is indeed nice. =) And yeah, plain top.
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