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Thank you all
Thank you guys. 811p is the winner and i got 'em. Now what would you suggest b/w Thavar 810x and Thavar 813L US Edition. I am inclined more towards 813L as they are special edition but it is a regular wash. 810x looks nice but I am not sure as some people posted comments that they look weird. So voting starts now b/w 810x and 813L. Thanks again for your comments/ feedback.
Help me pick b/w the 3 Thavars SS13--> 811p, 810x or 813L US Edition. Which one is the best. Comments are very welcome.
@ Denim collector --> The rust tint fade looks cool.They are not prominent. I actually like them.
Yes. They are located in Canada and they don't have any taxes. New Jersey doesn't have any tax on clothing, so I normally get it from the Diesel Jersey store - No Tax!!!
@armenpb --> Diesel U.S stores/online carry Viker 807C but they don't have Thavar 807C. Similarly they do have Krooley and Thavar 811p in stores/ online but they don't have Viker 811p. Probably they will add it later or they will never. They just don't bring everything to U.S region. You need to check out the retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstorm or Sakhs Fifth Ave. Last year they never had Shioner 74Y in U.S stores but they did carry Larkee 74Y. Also Shioner...
@ LeeParty --> That is Krooley 811p which is also available at Diesel online store (Europe). http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36405447sh.html   They are talking about Thavar 811p which I guess is not available in Europe yet.
@Gpoop --> Thavar 807c is not available in U.S Diesel stores and online as well. They only carry Viker in 807C wash. You can purchase Thavar 807C from New York Speed.com.
I saw 4-5 pairs at the store in sizes 32 and 33 and all of them has less fading. They weren't as bright as the online Diesel store 811p pictures.
This season, there are only 2 blue eyecon --> 809v and 811p   http://www.diesel.com/dna-denim/
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