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Sorry no pics because I'm a newbie technophobe so I'll have to work this out but basically: Some winter shirts - already bought New jeans - buying at the end of the month Black leather jacket- buying in the January sale Lots of warm jumpers- already bought Black ankle boots - ordered in my size However much I buy my wardrobe never seems complete - but I do wear out my favourite pieces so there are gaps each season - plus my wish list of course...
Thanks - I guess we're all together looking for the ideal jeans!I hate to think how many pairs I've bought - some I've worn to holes, some end up in the charity bag, some are returned and the worst thrown away!I also love leather jackets - the 2 seem to pair up perfectly!!!
I have an unusual problem in that I have a tiny body but long thin arms and legs, like a spider!!(so although I'm a UK size 2 /US00 , my inside leg has to be at least 33"- sometimes I've even bought 35! As I'm only 150cm this makes jeans buying very difficult and every time I find jeans that fit, they stop making them...I think I'll have this problem all of my life!!!
At home - Fitflops black Gogh suede sandals To go out- Timberland tan nubuck ankle boots:)
I agree with the suggestion for Diesel Jogg jeans - except that they are not country western clothing. Why don't you try the more traditional brands like Lee, Wrangler etc or even Levi's?? They all carry such a wide range that I hope you find something. Good luck in your search!!!
My biker jacket is paid for and is being sent on Tuesday.I ordered 4 shirts for winter but they won't be in until the end of September so I dont need to pay for them until then.This week I'm getting my biker and buying an everyday ring to wear......possibly some jumpers as well as there's an online sale of 70% off petite jumpers starting tomorrow.That's hopefully all for this week as I've got a long list for September and October....
I'm really sorry but my laptop died and I'm just getting the hang of my iPad and haven't worked out how to upload pics- all help appreciatedToday I'm wearing:TMLewin light blue and white stripe cotton shirt21oz indigo custom made jeans - the comfiest ever!!!Fitflops black Gogh sandals (at home)Sketchers black nubuck Shape Ups (to visit local antique shop)
For fashion jeans with great quality... Serfontaine For Japanese heavyweights (21oz) Gieves and Hawkes
My favourite jeans are: Serfontaine - start in 22" waist and cut for 3 different body shapes - so comfortable!! Gieves and Hawkes bespoke - you can choose all the details, and the denim is indestructible!!!
I'd agree with that - Having yesterday bought a pair of drainpipes that I wore today and were so comfy... So either change the cut or the size!! Too tight jeans can lead to all sorts of medical problems...
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