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Dior Homme Waxed Raw Indigo 'Sharp Notation' 19cm Skinny Jeans!! Famous Dior Indigo Raw Denim Waxed to Perfection! Perfectly waxed raw indigo denim makes this pair of Dior Homme 19cm skinny jeans from AW07, Hedi Slimane's last collection at Dior Homme, the most coveted pair of raw denim jeans ever made. The only imperfection in this holy grail of raw denim is that it is missing the inner leather Dior Tag (Quality control at Dior goofed); nonetheless, it does not effect...
06SS destryoed NWT sz 26 (fits 28)   http://www.ebay.com/itm/261813473692
^ They're real but they are black raws not indigo
reychan,    You might be wearing the wrong shoes. I usually wear my diors with high tops (ex. converse chucks) or military boots, the ankle coverage cleans up the silhouette and stacks.  
Yes, very odd indeed. Having owned several pairs of diors, the quality seems legit. Also strange is that the inner Japanese care tag is stitched over the English one.   
Just got my NWT sz 28 waxed MIJ raw aka 'sharp notation' from AW07 from yahoo japan. Kinda disapointed cause they were advertised as sz 27, but returning them is impossible and I might keep since they are from Hedi's last year at dior. My pair doesn't have the 'Dior' leather tag which is super weird.    
^ They fit wide cause 'Sharp Notation' was only released as 19cm. And the long grey tag is generally seen on washed pairs or newer pairs after Slimane era. Sharp notation is waxed black raw denim, so only a MIJ white tag is normal.
Need help. I've always wondered, is Sharp notation from AW07 MIJ waxed raw denim?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/261513243438   This is a pair of Raw Silver Selvedge 19CM jeans from Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2010 in Size 28. This pair has literally been sitting in my closet for 4 years, completely untouched and is no longer produced. Don't miss this opportunity! Retail Price: $750   Reference #: 0E31J3331429   Material: 97% Cotton/ 3% Polyurethane   Country of Manufacture: Japan    Measurements (Approximately) Waist (measured across) - 14.5 inches...
Regular MIJ raw sold!
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