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I agree, they look amazing.
  They are very popular models and i am guessing they are very hard to find. Do check the marketplace on the denimblog you might be lucky to find them.
@gloriouscafe They fit perfect. The stacking doesn't look that bad at all.   @Gpoop nice outfit.
No go with 32L. I am 6'1 tall as well and wear 31 X 32 in 888P and they fit me perfect. The stacking will settle down after few wears. 
I am planning to order in the next week or so. Once i received the jeans i will add some pics for sure. My initial plan was to buy Thavar 830P and Thavar 833Z ( Blue eyecon ) but i changed my mind now i only want 830R from this season for now.
Thanks for the advice on the size. I am going to get this pair from Cultizm, as its tax free for me. Hopefully i will find a discount code before i buy this pair.
Great fit.
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