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I am glad you liked them and they fit you great. Enjoy 
No problem happy to help. Thanks for buying it from me. It's hardly been used. Was the packing all right ? i did send you with original tags as well. Hope you didn't had to pay extra tax.
Nudie Tube tom Black Carbon. Going all black today.  
Hey, I had 31 previously. Bought 32 as a spare. 
Call me crazy. Bought another pair of DBG Type 242 (8BS) in size 32. Here are the few photos of the new pair. They look more like 8BT than 8BS only because of more paint spots. Took photos of my pair vs new pair. Will add some fit pics later on.          
Great outfit @denimcollector . Love the jacket a lot.......great colour. What size are you wearing in the jacket ?
Thanks. They are Diesel Hi connection Boots.
LOL.......I think you are same height as me. So if i buy i will get them in length 30 as well. Thanks for the compliment on the outfit.
Thavar 811P ( Best fitting Thavar IMO after 834A ) Tommy Hilfiger Shirt Laleta Leather jacket Diesel watch Diesel shoes      
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