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Thavar 834A one of the best thavar fit's
Like the Diesel shirt.
I know what you mean it's a nice pair to let go i guess. I am sure the next release will be like more than  $1000
You can still sell your 8BT once you receive the 8BS i guess.
Thanks. Just measured leg opening is 17Cms.
Hahahaha..... there is size 30 still available in online store. Hope they are available when they go on sale again for you. 
Just received my Thavar 834A from Newyork speed, Can't believe how good the fit on them is...they just hug you. Will add some fit pics tomorrow. They look so different in different lighting.  
Thanks man. They are absolutely amazing can't stop staring at them. Very well crafted pair of jeans. If i can find a pair of 8BT in 31  i still want to buy them as well for a decent price.
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