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Very Nice @Wutzwagg .
cool. I am 170lbs and 6'1 tall. Might get in size small for more fitted look. Thanks for the info.
It looks sweet. will buy it if they go on sale again. If i don't mind you asking what's your weight ? 
Very nice outfits @THENAMEISDALTON . What size is your Cargo jacket ?
Cultizm has sale on Lot of Diesel stuff guys.
Very nice And Great outfits.
Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your fit pics of the Tube tom.
Thanks. I tried few pairs of Nudie before and i am quite surprised that how good the quality of denim is. Still wandering around to find the perfect pair of Nudie that is Similar to Thavar or Thanaz. Tried Thin Finn and Grim Tim they didn't suit me at all from knee down they were all very loose and i find with Nudie they are very inconsistent as well like Diesel when making their jeans, not in the waist but mostly from knee down. Tape Ted  seem very nice fit for my body...
Nice buy Phukette. How is the fit on Tube Tom compare to Thavar/Thanaz ? is it more slimmer than Thavar/Thanaz or is it close to Sleenker?  what size did you buy ?
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