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Thanks man. Love Tube Tom.
Nice @audit30 .........Love Thavar 834A. Great fitting jeans.
Tube Tom blue nights Zara blazer Converse chucks TW steel watch
I am a great fan of tube tom as well. The fit is very nice too. Thanks for the comment on the jacket. It's a great quality jacket that will last for ever.
Thanks for the advice. Hopefully Cultizm will have them.
Here is the link if you interested.   http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/keith-leather-jacket-black/p/3669
Thanks. The quality is exceptional. Great quality leather. Fit is superb. I owned multiple leather jackets previously but this jacket stands out the rest.
Nudie Keith Leather jacket.      
Real. Looks like older version. 
@Hawk Great buy's. Awesome fit on the Thavar jogg 607U + Tube Tom.
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