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I am always wondering too how they could manage to get great pics and information. Great stuff guys @rebons & @Dequinha .
Just ordered Thavar 843S from cultizm. Can't wait to receive them. Hopefully they will look as good as the pics.  
Looking forward to it ☺
I amlol i am 185 Cms tall. It sounded weired that's why i asked. Its all good
Thanks man, Great help. Will order them tomorrow.
@Dequinha are you asking me am i High ? 
what do you mean ?
Planning to order Thavar 843S from Cultizm. Has anyone else tried other than @Hawk ? I am not sure to order in L30 or L32 from cultizm. In the pics they look very long. My other question is should i order my regular Thavar size ? which is 31 ? Opinions would be much appreciated TIA.
Thanks @arspy87 
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