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Great fit and nice jeans. If i have to get this pair what size would you recommend ? Never tried Tepphar before. I wear 31 in Thavar. Can you please advice.
Thanks guys for the feedback and compliments.
Thanks bro. It's a beautiful pair to own. They are made in Tunisia but the quality is exceptional like MII.
Here we go guys took some pics of Thavar 843S. It's not a full review but hopefully this will help you If you planning to get this pair. The pair i am wearing is in size 31 x 32 which is my regular Thavar size. For this pair you don't need to size up, so stay with your Thavar size. I got this pair from Cultizm and they have exceptional service. I would Highly recommend them if you planning to buy from them. I wish they have more models available for me to buy from them, as...
Thanks man. 
It has been re-enforced from inside, so i don't think they will at all.
They look and fit you great weenie. May be you should wear them with boots. I don't think you need to size up.
Great trench aramis. Welcome back my friend. Good to see you.
Received My Thavar 843S today and what a beauty it is. Great service by Cultizm. Received the jeans from Germany to Australia in 2days. Fit pics to follow.        
@Weenie Congratulations. They look great. Looking forward to see the fit pics.
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