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Go for it DC, They are so comfy. Initially they will be slightly hard when you walk in them but once they soften up they are very nice to wear especially when you just want that weekend casual look over diesel jeans. Look for 59era they have nice cushioning inside.
Thanks. I am so much in love with this pair. They fit perfect and I find with this thavar they sit slightly lower than my other thavar's and the inside pockets are shorter as well.
Thavar 830P  Industrie leather jacket Vans 59Era
Vans 59Era, Love these shoes they are so comfy.     Industrie leather Jacket in Brown ( I already have Burgundy colour in the same jacket. Had to get another one in different colour  it fits me perfect )  
 Too many blue eyecons this season, They don't seem that special either and cheaper as well compared to other models. I always thought Blue eyecons were made with extra love. This season it doesn't seem that way.
@Phukette @ColdSteel & @Levislad Nice outfit guys.
Nice purchases every one. Add some fit pics.
Thavar 834A Blue eyecon.       http://shop.diesel.com/thavar-0834a/00CKS10834A.html?dwvar_00CKS10834A_color=01#start=1
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