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Thanks for the pics dieselboy. Finally bought my self Thavar 830R + 830P from Cultizm. Will add some pics once i receive them.
@straychev Nice buy on the 8X2 It's one of my fav's aswell.
You should buy it man they seem pretty awesome and sell your Nudie's if you are not wearing them much.
DC, I am planning to order these in next day or so. That was the pics taken by Dieselboy786 at the Diesel store where he works. I think they are pretty much similar to Nudie lab jeans. I was going through Nudie selvage collection these ones have similar holes at the back of the knee like Thavar 830R http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/nudie-lab-31/p/1041 I am planning to get my regular Thavar size 31 X 32 i will add some pics once i receive them. Its not much of cost difference...
Thavar 830R. Thanks to @DieselBoy786 for the photos. Planning to get this pair. The abrasions and the holes on the back of the knee are amazing.          
Super buy Glorious 
Thanks man always great help.
Has anybody had the chance to try on Thavar 830P ? If so how is the fit and material feels like ? thanks in advance.
Congrats DC. Looking forward to the detailed review.
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