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Thanks man.
DBG 8BS      
Updated photos of the 8BS. Been wearing them a lot so that i can stretch the waist a little, but the waist tends to come back to its original shape. Every time i wear them.....feel like i am wearing them for the first time again.    
Converse Black leather chucks.
Nice Tattoo Aahz.
I would just leave it only because the ink might bleed in to the white part if you try to erase it. Why wreck it they don't look that bad at all.
Nice one @Akito . I love my 830P as well. The fit on this pair is very nice.
Thanks @Shlomi @Dieselicious @Hawk   Dieselicious the leg opening for Shioner is same as thavar 17Cms.   Hawk it's just the lighting i think and they have faded slightly but not as much as the picture is showing. I don't wash my jeans at all i know it sounds disgusting but every month i hang  all my jeans in the sun inside out for 30 minutes and they come nice and crisp again for few wears.
New Posts  All Forums: