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@Weenie Thanks for the pics and the link.
@Denim Collector Would love to see those pics of your Momotaros, Please add once you receive them back from your tailor. That's why i size down on the grim Tims. In 31 X 32 i couldn't even button the last two, but once i have forced to do it .......after few minutes they felt alright that's why i size down one to 31 and i am sure they will stretch as well.    I read some where that Dry Cleaning in the best option and they don't tend to loose the indigo that much so good...
Nudie Grim Tim Dry Selvage. I did size down 1 in this pair. When i tried at Nudie in 32 x 32 they did loosen up after 5 minutes of wearing so i size down to 31. Planning to wear it for the next 6 months and give my Diesel jeans a break. Hopefully my plan goes accordingly.     Nudie Tube Tom Carbon Black  
Congratulations. Please add some fit pics when you receive them.
Price Drop.
Nudie Tape Ted Blue Black Vans 59 era      
They Measure as 42.5 Cms.
Thanks for the pics. I am going to order them tomorrow. Yes I do have those shoes and I really like the colour as well.
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