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Even if you get 33W in 811P you can always wear a belt. It would be much more comfortable if you sitting all day in the office.
Hehe thanks. Always wanted 8BT...but never had the chance to get them i guess. Hopefully this time i will give it a crack.
Planning to get them from US. sanibeldude is helping me out with the proxy. Hopefully i can get hands on one.
From my own experience I would say half a size from 8x2.
@steamedbread Nice fit on the 8X2. Regarding 811P they do run big in the waist, so size down. The Bleaching is beautiful....Perfect summer wash. You have perfect legs for Thavar.
Thanks for the advice. When do you think they might go on sale ? Maybe before christmas ?
I thought if you work in diesel you should at least have some knowledge about their own stuff. I called them once they have opened their stores to see what styles they have and the guy who answered the phone call had no clue about blue eycons i thought it was strange.
I thought about it and I am not going to pay full price. Hopefully when they go on sale i will try to buy a pair, I Already saved the money for the jeans, so now i have to wait until they go on sale. Hey DC how is your 8BT fit, did they stretch out ? I remember you got one size down. If i wear 31 X 32 in Thavar/Thanaz/Shioner .....Would Size 31 in DBG be ok or do i need to size up ? can you please let me know ?
Nice buy @audit30. Loving the 880i, they look great on you man.
Very nice man. How is the material like ? Thick or thin ?
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