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@jeanetic Those raw jeans look awesome. The fit looks similar to Grim tim.
If any one interested in selling their Diesel Thanaz in 31 x 32 ( Models MII only ) PM me with the style code and the price please.
Great buy lee. You killed with 829B Lucky guy. Please add some fit pics when you get a chance.
Some boots and Loafers are leather not all of them. Most of their shoes are made in Spain with good quality. I would suggest you try them on before you buy them. Zara shoe sizes are not all the same and they vary for some reason.
@jeanetic I tired their jeans and they are crap. They stretch a lot and don't keep their shape. Shoes and Blazers/Jackets are good. Basics are not bad either, but don't buy their jeans. 
They are perfect in summer. I tried wearing 888P, 880i last summer .....i could only last couple of hours in them as it gets really hot in Australia but 826D kept me cool on a nice summer day or evening. 
Hey, Why don't you try Thavar 826D. It's a nice summer wash and the denim is thin. Only thing is they are not made in italy. Here is the pic of me wearing it.     More pics      
Fit pics please ☺
Buy it now $250 USD.
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