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That looks nice @Weenie. Congratulations.
DC, where did you get your 608T ?
Thanks DC. Any other Blue eyecons caught your eye ? How is the fit on 833Z ? I am thinking of getting that pair vs DBG Limited edition Type 242 which looks like 8BT, I don't know which one to invest on as DBG is like 895 USD. Did you like the Thavar 830R, That is a mad pair to have. The details are spot on like used selvage denim and washed multiple times. It's sad for me i don't get too see all this beautiful jeans with my own eyes. I have to go by online pics and get...
Great buy. Love both pairs of shoes.
Congratulations. Please add some fit pics, Especially 608T.
Very nice.
Go for it DC, They are so comfy. Initially they will be slightly hard when you walk in them but once they soften up they are very nice to wear especially when you just want that weekend casual look over diesel jeans. Look for 59era they have nice cushioning inside.
New Posts  All Forums: