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@PJBUK Nice fit on the 830R.....Love the conroy, nice combo.
Hey DC if you get the chance to go to the Flagship store can you please check out the DBG Type 242 jeans and tell me what you think of them thanks in advance.
Mine stretcted 1/2 size in the waist, which is perfect now.
DC, Have a great holiday man... add some pics when you return.  With 830P i love it....have been getting lot of compliments when i wear them ...the patch blends in quite well. looks like i am the only one who bought that pair on the blog. If i can pull it off wearing a jeans with big patch any one can do it i guess.... 
Braddom 888P 32 X 32 only 89 Euros   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-DIESEL-BRADDOM-MEN-JEANS-DENIM-32-W32-L32-DSQUARED-BLACK-GOLD-JOGGJEANS-LOOK-/111468119164?pt=NL_Herenkleding&hash=item19f404847c
Thavar 830P Vans sneakers Tommy Hilfiger polo G-shock watch  
@arspy87 Nice oufit man.
Aahz super nice on the 887K. I was planning to get a pair but the seller messaged me back after paying him the money that he only has 33 X 32 not 32 X 32 which is a shame. I was excited to get this classic pair.....My hunt continues for this pair again.
They look great man. I say keep them.
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