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@Hawk i agree with you man. There is too much over flow of pics which doesn't interest me at all either. I think it was nice for a while but then it just got out of control. I would rather see guys wear their own outfit's to inspire me as well.
Nice topic. @CLarsson for the same reason i have kept few of my diesel jeans that i hardly wear them at all. Instead of selling them for $ 50 to $100 i rather keep them at least once in while i can wear them. As for diesel, they are not making any good pairs these days and the price is skyrocketing + overrated at times.    As for the raw denim it's the way to go i guess these days. I have 3 pairs of Nudie raw denim and i love them. They go very well with every thing,...
 @denimcollector Same here. I have been rotating all my classics 8X2, 74K, 805A, 888P....etc. I have bought Thavar 843S & 834A i think from last season, they have been pretty good pairs to own. But mostly i have been wearing Nudie. The quality and Price is great on Nudie compare to Diesel. I still wear my Grim Tim dry selvage too so plenty of options available. I have Hardly worn my 8BS lately at all. I have comprised my collection to 20 pairs now. It was getting out of...
Yes, Great pair of jeans @denimcollector . I got them for like peanuts on cultizm  $75 with free postage from Germany. I am surprised that they fit me perfect especially when you read the comments from other's who owned this pair, every one suggested to size 1 Up but i got my regular size 31 X 32 and they fit perfect. I worn them the other day for like 10 hours and my legs didn't hurt at all. Only problem i have with them is they sit very low on the waist compare to my...
  Thanks guys. 
Thanaz 887K Diesel leide leather jacket Diesel Hi connection boots
Lean Dean seems interesting cut and has great potential to stack well on pair of boots like Tepphar. Nudie got rid of Tape Ted ( Thank god ) I am guessing they are replacing with Lean Dean. I was looking at Bay Blue in lean dean seems like a nice blue jean. Please add some pics when you receive them would like to see how they will look. 
Hey Phukette How did you go with Pipe Led any good ?
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