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Great Fit mate. Congratulations on the purchase.
I got my usual size which is 31 X 32 in all my skinny cuts.....Thanaz/Thavar/Shioner. Initially they are very stiff but after wearing few times they fit perfect. I say go with your usual size.
Shioner 817H   
Go with small.
 Thanks guys, I will add some fit pics when they arrive. That was the last pair as well in my size DC i was very lucky to get a pair for that price. Hope yoox add more pairs in the future. Some times e.denim dose a good deal just ask him what's the best price he can give it to you.
Have you received Shioner 824Y yet ? and how much ?
The price looks ok for used jeans. I don't know much about them but from what i can see from the tags and stitching they look Authentic.
Great outfit, Love the coat.
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