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that's a great find. Wish it was size 31. I would have been all over it.
I would say 801C, 826D, 830P, 888P they are all slightly looser in the thigh compare to 8X2.
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8X2 initially is very tight but stretches nicely to your body after few times, so they do run 1/2 size small. With 811P they  are loose in the waist and tight from the knee down + the denim is crisp when you feel them. 801C is slightly similar to 811P little bit crisp on the hand feel. I got my normal size in 801C in the waist they are ok but from knee down they more roomier compare to my other Thavar's if that make sense. so if you want nice tight fit you can size down one.
Thanks man.
They run half inch bigger than 8X2 in my experience. They are a beautiful colour....Nice and crisp like 811P.
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It's not 802H.
Thavar 801C.
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