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Thavar 830P This pair is stunning The Diesel pics doesn't do any justice you have too see it with your own eyes.     The Patch on the right thigh is done nicely it blends in quite well. I think i am lucky i have a pair that has very small patch i have seen some pairs with huge patch like the one on diesel website.     The fading on this pair is done nicely.             The 3D effects are nice. I got my regular Thavar size 31 X 32 for this pair as...
Thavar 830R Red slevage Denim ( LIMITED EDITION )  Here are some pics.     This pair is a beauty ( Dirty Blue ) Has beautiful fading on the knees. It has Chain stitching at the hem.     The holes on the crotch area are very nice. The front ones you can hardly see, But the back ones you can see slightly more when you wear them.     The Distressing is very cool, Especially on the back of the knee. They are not that obvious at all once you wear them on. they...
Thanks. I will for sure. Really wanting to see how 830R looks like.
Just got notified by Fedex that my package ( Thavar 830P & 830R from Cultizm) is available to be picked up today or they are going to be delivered on Monday. I can't wait till monday so i am going to pick them today will add some pics later on 
I am thinking of getting a pair aswell, if so would be able to help me out being my proxy ? What size you planning to get ? Do you think I should go with my thavar size or size up for DBG ? Now, I need to convince my wife why I need a $1000 pair of jeans
Thanks shlomi. I got it tax free + discount as well that's why I got it for that price.
Thanks. I will wait for them to arrive and see how they fit me. I will add some pics once I get them.
Nice fit Levislad.
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