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Great fit.
From the first 2 photos i have to look twice as they seem to be slightly loose from the knee down. Compare to my 8x2 which hugs like glove all over and its the same size as all my other shioners.
@leftvapor Thanks for the comparison.
@leftvapor Thanks for the review & they fit great. They totally look very different from the back view. As phukette requested can we see 801A and 824Y next to each other that would be great. How is the fit on the waist ? is it really tight like 805A and 801A ?
I would say go with 28 mine stretched a little and they fit great now. How is the fit on the 824Y ? would love too see some fit pics if you can.
Bought 2 Pairs of diesel shoes   KUNHA   MIDDAY
Darron 75L    
Great outfit & Love the jacket.
Great buy Lee. Love the Jumper.
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