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Very nice glorious.
Nice fit on the 888P.
@Levislad Great fit on the 886Z. You always find nice stuff on ebay. Lucky guy.
Looks like the sunlight is making them look like blue in colour.
Used Thanaz 8SV Stretch for sale in Size 32 X 32 Rare pair & Hard to find in this size In good condition as you can see from the pics Slim/Skinny Made In Italy 100% Authentic & Genuine    20 Euro's Postage cost any where in the world.   Feel free to ask any questions.
@Phukette Those boots look great.
That's the only time i saw him after a long time. Hope he is alright as well.
They look great on you man. I used to love larkee's as well when i was wearing straight fit jeans. They sit on your hips quite nice.
Super cool.
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