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Fit pics of Thavar 811P in size 30 X 32      
Received my Thavar 811P today and i am instantly in love with this pair. Beautifully crafted. I got size 30 X 32 from the advice i got from @Aramis. I geneally wear 31 X 32 in Thanaz/Thavar/Shioner. At present its very tight and hopefully it will stretch out on the waist & Knees. Photos don't justify this pair at all. Its an eye candy in real life & the knees don't look that white at all compare to the photos & IRL. I will add some fit pics in...
I thought Shioner was discontinued ? It is correct right ?
Nice buy @gloriouscafe please add some fit pics.
Nice outfit.
@Mdawood That looks great. There is 2 versions of 888P, Blue version which is thicker & yellow version which is softer but yellow version looks great in the sun 
They look fantastic, Congratulations 
Thanks. That was the replacement jacket from Giamat shop. This one fits perfect.
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