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They look very nice DC. Congratulations.
They all look very nice. How is the fit on 833z ?
@audit30 @Fresh3 @Aahz  Nice out fit guys.   @Hawk Nice shoes man. With 830R it's an amazing pair. The denim is 13.5 OZ Japanese selvage....When you wear it, it looks like you have broken in the jeans yourself . I got a great deal for this pair from Cultizm ( Tax free ) so i paid $400 which is quite similar to a pair of Nudie selvage.   For me i don't have patience to buy a dry selvage and wear it every day. So this is perfect for me. The more you wear it the denim...
Thavar 830R Exposure I skydiver
+1, Great out fit Aahz.
Thanks for the info. Had a pair of darron 75L previously they sit too high at the back so never liked it. If they are any thing like darron then i have to skip that cut i guess.
Congratulations Straychev. Did you size down on this pair ? How is the fit compare to Krooley, Is it similar or different ? 
I like the Oxblood, but Ink will be much more versitile you can wear with any thing i guess especially when you spending that much money you want some thing that will last for a long time.
They both look very nice and fit is spot on. 
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