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Your baby girl is so cute. My daughter is 2 1/2 and they grow too fast. Congratulations again.
Thanks. They are very under rated. The feel of the denim on 813Z is beautiful. They are 100% cotton but they hug your skin very nicely though.
They are real. Its the new labelling. I compared mine as well here is the comparasion from 801C & 826D  
Casual Friday Thanaz 813Z Diesel Wilfrid Vest Have a great weekend guys.    
@TopChoice Both pairs are real.
@straychev I am from Melbourne.
Thanks. Can't wait to receive them. Hopefully they will fit me.
Thanks. I will add some pics once i receive it 
Its $260 USD + postage to australia.
Finally pulled the trigger and bought Thavar 811P in size 30 X 32 from E. Denim. Hopefully it will fit me i generally wear 31 X 32 fingers cross.    
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