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Nice buys @zdenal_cz & @denimcollector. DC love the leather jacket man. Looking forward to 608T review.
Man..... They look Stunning. They fit you perfect and the whole outfit is well put together. How is the material like thick or Thin ?
Yes it was a summer wash. The feel of the denim is very crisp not the thickness.
For some reason my thavar 811P didn't stretch much at all in the waist but i like how 30 X 32 fits on me than 31 X 32, Especially in Thavar. 811P is like 801A very Crisp denim.
Phukette I like the new photo taking. 820q looks great.
thanks. I love my pair as well.
Thanks for the info. What is the length of your inseam for size 30L ? I never owned 8NE so may be if i have extra cash i might invest in this pair. They seem to run slightly longer is it because they don't have stacking ?
Thanaz 74K Ralph lauren shirt Diesel watch  
Both pairs look great. How is thavar 833Z ?
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