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Nudie Tube Tom Twill Rinsed  Red Wing Chukka 3140    
Red wing Chukka 3140. Bought second hand for decent price. They are in near new condition. They are slightly uncomfortable at present, but i am sure the leather will soften up after couple of months. Very happy with the purchase.  
@jm08adm Nice fit on the 8BT. Can't see much of the sneakers but i am sure they are beautiful as well. Especially being YSL.
Very nice guys. @pryv75 you got great talent bro, Amazing art.   @cossers those bikes are stunning. Your dog is very cute.   @Hawk Single malt's are the best. Once you try them you will never go back to Blended stuff. Except Chivas regal.
Nice topic. Love cooking i am indian background but i can cook some nice italian food. Learnt from my mother-in-law. Second greatest Hobbies is collecting Whisky and nice Wine. Here is the sneak peak of some of my collection.   @Phukette I would love to try your beer.     Current Favourite drop is Balvenie.   Third is Gardening. These are the lemons i grew this year.     I love watches i have 15 watches in my collection so far and nearly 40 pairs of shoes i...
608T & 817H  looks great. From the pics Thavar is your cut.
Nice fit on both. 813Z looks great.
Mine kept it's shape very well. 
Nice buy on the Thanaz 813Z @Levislad Mine haven't stretched at the waist at all. I had mine over a year now. I love my pair as well.
They look like Sleenker. 
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