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They fit you great. I had to return my Gloom Blues back to Nudie as they have sent me faulty pair. Maybe i might give it a crack again if they go on sale. What size did you get in these ?
Nice buy. They look stunning. Please add some fit pics when you receive them. When you look at Nudie official online store pics vs Cultizm pics, they look very different. They look very baggy in nudie page.
Thanks. Looking for in size 31 X 32.
@jeanetic Those raw jeans look awesome. The fit looks similar to Grim tim.
If any one interested in selling their Diesel Thanaz in 31 x 32 ( Models MII only ) PM me with the style code and the price please.
Great buy lee. You killed with 829B Lucky guy. Please add some fit pics when you get a chance.
Some boots and Loafers are leather not all of them. Most of their shoes are made in Spain with good quality. I would suggest you try them on before you buy them. Zara shoe sizes are not all the same and they vary for some reason.
@jeanetic I tired their jeans and they are crap. They stretch a lot and don't keep their shape. Shoes and Blazers/Jackets are good. Basics are not bad either, but don't buy their jeans. 
They are perfect in summer. I tried wearing 888P, 880i last summer .....i could only last couple of hours in them as it gets really hot in Australia but 826D kept me cool on a nice summer day or evening. 
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