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LOL.......I think you are same height as me. So if i buy i will get them in length 30 as well. Thanks for the compliment on the outfit.
Thavar 811P ( Best fitting Thavar IMO after 834A ) Tommy Hilfiger Shirt Laleta Leather jacket Diesel watch Diesel shoes      
Thanks for the pics @Phukette they look amazing. Just curious why did you get L30 ? you generally get 32 right.  Do they run too long or did you get them in that length so that they stack well. I noticed you got L30 in 834A as well. 
Thanks for the advice. i will look in to it. I think i can get good deal on cultizm.
Great outfit. Never liked grey jeans but looking at your pic wanting me to get a pair. Did the waist stretch a lot ? If i buy should i get my normal Thavar size ?
Thanks. I feel the same. especially when i wear my tube tom and change to Grim tim dry selvage  or some of my Thavars i feel they are baggy. it's all good at least we have a variety of jeans.... not just skin tight jeans.
Is that 32 x 32 ? or did you size down ? Because you lost weight. It's a beautiful pair to own. Too bad i had to return mine. I have Tube tom Black carbin they fit like glove, But return to it's original shape every time i wear. I guess that's the beauty of Nudie jeans.
They fit you great. I had to return my Gloom Blues back to Nudie as they have sent me faulty pair. Maybe i might give it a crack again if they go on sale. What size did you get in these ?
Nice buy. They look stunning. Please add some fit pics when you receive them. When you look at Nudie official online store pics vs Cultizm pics, they look very different. They look very baggy in nudie page.
Thanks. Looking for in size 31 X 32.
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