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@jm08adm Nice fit on the 8BT. Can't see much of the sneakers but i am sure they are beautiful as well. Especially being YSL.
Very nice guys. @pryv75 you got great talent bro, Amazing art.   @cossers those bikes are stunning. Your dog is very cute.   @Hawk Single malt's are the best. Once you try them you will never go back to Blended stuff. Except Chivas regal.
Nice topic. Love cooking i am indian background but i can cook some nice italian food. Learnt from my mother-in-law. Second greatest Hobbies is collecting Whisky and nice Wine. Here is the sneak peak of some of my collection.   @Phukette I would love to try your beer.     Current Favourite drop is Balvenie.   Third is Gardening. These are the lemons i grew this year.     I love watches i have 15 watches in my collection so far and nearly 40 pairs of shoes i...
608T & 817H  looks great. From the pics Thavar is your cut.
Nice fit on both. 813Z looks great.
Mine kept it's shape very well. 
Nice buy on the Thanaz 813Z @Levislad Mine haven't stretched at the waist at all. I had mine over a year now. I love my pair as well.
They look like Sleenker. 
Nice purchase. The fit is beautiful. Darron is your cut.
Used Diesel Thanaz 74K 31 X 32 .  " In Near New Condition "   Postage cost 25 Euro's world wide with tracking   Payment Via paypal   Feel free to ask any questions.
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