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I would say they fit like sleenker with 15cms leg opening, the upper block is much nicer than sleenker due to curved waist + they sit very nice on the waist not too high or not too low and Nudie quality is exceptional.
Hey, they are 8BS.....similar to 8BT. They are limited edition. The fit is similar to thavar. I own a pair that is same size as my thavar.
Very Nice @denimcollector Congrats. Both are very different in their own way. You are a very lucky man, you own something very different that you won't see it on any one else wearing them, like 8BT. I still prefer 8BT over Jericho, but i have to say the back pocket shape on Jericho is superb though. It's shame that it only came in Length 34, I am sure you must have paid a lot for Jericho. As always i really enjoy looking through your pics. The more i look at your pics the...
@Hawk My 8X2 and 834A fit exactly the same IMO. My 843S is very slightly loose in the waist and the thigh compare to my 834A. I would say 31 X 30 should fit fine.Check out YOOX they have few sizes in Thavar 834A for 108 Euro's...maybe you could get it cheaper with a code.
@Hawk Stay with your regular Thavar size and they will fit perfect. As @audit30 said best fitting Thavar IMO as well after 8X2.
Round 2 skinny lin ...... Love these jeans, they just fit perfect Diesel sneakers
@B44D 4RS3 Nice buy. 
Nice outfit. Love the shoe color.
I wear 31 x 32 in all my diesel ( Thavar, Thanaz, Shioner ) i wear 32 x 32 in all my Nudies expect for dry selvage, i wear 31 x32. The upper block in Nudie is tight compare to diesel, so you need size 1 up for nudie. I would say go for 32.
15cms, It has curved waist and they sit very nice on the waist. I am not sure about sleenker, as i don't own any pairs.
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