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Hey DC, I got my pair from YOOX Phukette proxy me this pair. They are a great pair to own. There are plenty available on YOOX and it's cheap as well. I am not sure about 830J as i don't own that pair but 880I has more of a faded Blue/White tone to it. Those were quick fit pics....i will take better photos when i wear them next time.
Thank you. Add some fit pics. After looking at your old 880I pics i decide to buy mine. Your pair looks great as well.
Do you own any Diesel Jeans ? if so you can go with your normal size they will stretch after couple of wears.
There is a size 26/32 and 28/32 Available on YOOX for 90 Euro's.
What size do you wear ? 
888P and 880I looks very different. Here is the difference from my pairs.
Thank you for  letting us know Shlomi.
Here is the quick fit pics of Thavar 880I      
Yes I got in 31. They are beautiful pair to own. Only strange thing I noticed is they are made in Italy but there is no Italian flag on the waist band. Is it same with your pair as well ?
Hey I am not home now, I will add some fit pics tomorrow. They are very close to 888p in thickness.
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