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DBG 8BS      
Updated photos of the 8BS. Been wearing them a lot so that i can stretch the waist a little, but the waist tends to come back to its original shape. Every time i wear them.....feel like i am wearing them for the first time again.    
Converse Black leather chucks.
Nice Tattoo Aahz.
Nice one @Akito . I love my 830P as well. The fit on this pair is very nice.
Thanks @Shlomi @Dieselicious @Hawk   Dieselicious the leg opening for Shioner is same as thavar 17Cms.   Hawk it's just the lighting i think and they have faded slightly but not as much as the picture is showing. I don't wash my jeans at all i know it sounds disgusting but every month i hang  all my jeans in the sun inside out for 30 minutes and they come nice and crisp again for few wears.
 +1 If diesel doesn't have good pairs this season i might look in to Nudie they have nice jeans. As Phukette said, You get what you paid for the quality for Nudies. Looks like i will be very care full of what i buy this season.
They look very nice when worn and great fit tooo. The black coating blends well with the grey congrats Bro.
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