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Thanks for the advice. When do you think they might go on sale ? Maybe before christmas ?
I thought if you work in diesel you should at least have some knowledge about their own stuff. I called them once they have opened their stores to see what styles they have and the guy who answered the phone call had no clue about blue eycons i thought it was strange.
I thought about it and I am not going to pay full price. Hopefully when they go on sale i will try to buy a pair, I Already saved the money for the jeans, so now i have to wait until they go on sale. Hey DC how is your 8BT fit, did they stretch out ? I remember you got one size down. If i wear 31 X 32 in Thavar/Thanaz/Shioner .....Would Size 31 in DBG be ok or do i need to size up ? can you please let me know ?
Nice buy @audit30. Loving the 880i, they look great on you man.
Very nice man. How is the material like ? Thick or thin ?
Diesel Melbourne, Australia. Sorry to cross post as I couldn't find the page where you can post diesel store in your country.   Do you guys find that people who work in Diesel stores have no clue about the jeans. I felt like I have more knowledge than them. It was very strange. Very disappointed with the collection, the display was very crap and it was a very small store.    
Generally he is very quick, Unless he is on holidays at present. If he is busy some times he does reply very late.
Only if you get a chance. Here is couple of photos of the jeans.  Thanks in advance.
Can you please try DBG Type 242 and let me know what you think please.
Happy B'day Mate 
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