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Tape Ted is very nice fit on me. They are tight on the thigh area and narrow at the hem which is perfect for me. They don't sit very high on the waist either like Darron or Tepphar. which is why i like Tape Ted and they are pretty much perfect tapered fit in my opinion . They do have Low york like Thin Finn but they don't feel very obvious and you don't feel that they sit low.  I tried Tube Tom they fit very tight fit like sleenker in thigh and hem wise and they sit very...
Yes they are and I love them. I am going back again to buy few more pairs next week. I will try to add some fit pics soon. The quality of the denim is exceptional.
Boxing day sale this morning. Bought 2 pairs of Nudie Tape Ted and bought a pair of kids nudie for my daughter who is 3 yrs old. Tape Ted Org Clean Darkblue Tape Ted Blue Black
Thavar 880i
Thavar 801C
Very Nice @Wutzwagg .
cool. I am 170lbs and 6'1 tall. Might get in size small for more fitted look. Thanks for the info.
It looks sweet. will buy it if they go on sale again. If i don't mind you asking what's your weight ? 
Very nice outfits @THENAMEISDALTON . What size is your Cargo jacket ?
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