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Shioner 74Y  
This pair was sold this morning for $125 USD. The seller must have not received the reserve price.
Sure that would be great. You can ask him and let me know what he says.
This seller doesn't have that pair. I have asked him already. I don't know why he still has that size on ebay for sale. Unless he doesn't want to sell it some one in Australia. That's a decent price for a new pair I guess.
I have already asked the seller for measurements so i am waiting for him to reply me back.
Thanks. If they fit like 74K i am happy to get in size 31, but i am not 100% sure if i get in 31 they might be tight. After reading every one's opinion they all say to size up and I can't find size 32 X 32 so my options are 31 X 32 or size up to 33 x 32.
Quick question to the guys who own Thanaz 887K if i wear 31 x 32 in Thanaz 74K would 31 x 32 fit similar in 887K ? In 74K the knee and calves are tight but not super tight. Would 887K be super tight in the knee and calves ?  Can you please give me some advice TIA. I found a pair in 31 X 32 so wanting to know if they will be ok before i do the purchase.
Congratulations. Can you please add some fit pics of 880i, I am thinking of buying a pair as well.....Just waiting for yoox to have some sales codes.
Some pairs are very hard to find. I am after a pair of thanaz 887k in size 32 X 32 it looks like I am loosing my hope on them.
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