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Thanks. The fit is Unbelievable on this pair. It's one of my FAV's.
Thanaz 813Z Superdry T-shirt A & F Jumper TW Steel Watch    
PM sent please check.
I haven't got them. not into grey jeans.
Add some fit pics when you receive them.
That looks nice @Weenie. Congratulations.
DC, where did you get your 608T ?
Thanks DC. Any other Blue eyecons caught your eye ? How is the fit on 833Z ? I am thinking of getting that pair vs DBG Limited edition Type 242 which looks like 8BT, I don't know which one to invest on as DBG is like 895 USD. Did you like the Thavar 830R, That is a mad pair to have. The details are spot on like used selvage denim and washed multiple times. It's sad for me i don't get too see all this beautiful jeans with my own eyes. I have to go by online pics and get...
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