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Thavar 888P Zara Blazer Banana Republic Shirt    
I agree. I also like 830Q. Thanks for the pics @Weenie.
@n00b good choice you made. You can try few places like YOOX, Cultizm, Giamatshop & Style centre( Jpr_Clothing on ebay ) on the blog, and Ebay off course.
Thavar looks good.
Thanks DC. I am from Melbourne, Australia. Its autumn in here entering in to winter and its bloody freezing already 
Shioner 801A Politix Peacoat    
Take some photos if you can. We can tell you which cut fits you better.
They all real. Expect, the first pair looks used.
@Phukette those 825I looks fantastic. I have Kunha Chukkas as well and they are very comfy.   @gloriouscafe Great outfit. Love the All saints leather jacket. 74K is one my fav's.   @karacho cool as always.   @Denim Collector Love the thavar 827W perfect for double denim.   @Mdawood & @Dominik Borac great out fit guys.
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