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Nudie Tape Ted Blue Black Vans 59 era      
They Measure as 42.5 Cms.
Thanks for the pics. I am going to order them tomorrow. Yes I do have those shoes and I really like the colour as well.
Thanks mate. Can you take few quick pics of the jeans if you have a chance ? I just want to see how they look like and if they got too much fading on the thigh.
Actually i am planning to buy Tube Tom Black Carbon and return the Gloom blue as it is slightly tighter in the waist. I bought 32 x 32 but they do fit like 31 X 32 for some reason. Is Black carbon Made in Italy ? can you confirm that for me ?    For me if i size down on Tube Tom to my diesel size i won't be able to fit through my legs at all. My Twill Rinsed is nice on the legs but just a tad looser on the waist which a belt can't fix i guess. I am very impressed with...
My 830R fits great every where expect the leg opening feels slightly bigger but nothing obvious. Even after few wears they haven't stretched at all.
Thanks man. Congratulations.... Twill rinsed is a beautiful pair. I wear mine pretty much every second day. What do you think of the cut ?
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