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Congratulations @Mdawood they look nice. Add some fit pics when you can. You are the first one to buy the new collection bro. 
Bump   Buy It Now Price with postage, Euro's 95.
Nothing is eye catching this season so far. I might have to skip this season and switch to Nudie they have some nice washes and the prices are affordable compare to Diesel or my other option is, stop buying jeans for one year and enjoy the jeans what i have.   WTF Thavar 838J is 540 Euro's.
Very Nice there @Shlomi 
lol...... Don't worry i am sure there is few of us thinking the same.
Great buy man. They are an awesome pair to own. Softer version of 8X2. Please add some fit pics.
It looks like it has been used quite a bit.
100% I tried this jacket previously. The tags and stitching looks very authentic.
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