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  Thanks guys. 
Thanaz 887K Diesel leide leather jacket Diesel Hi connection boots
Lean Dean seems interesting cut and has great potential to stack well on pair of boots like Tepphar. Nudie got rid of Tape Ted ( Thank god ) I am guessing they are replacing with Lean Dean. I was looking at Bay Blue in lean dean seems like a nice blue jean. Please add some pics when you receive them would like to see how they will look. 
Hey Phukette How did you go with Pipe Led any good ?
Thanks Phukette...... 887K is great. I am surprised that 31 X 32 fit me very well and i didn't had to size up. They are tight but in a good way. I am working tonight so i will add some fit pics tomorrow.
Tube Tom Gloom Blue ( great fitting jeans ) Industrie jacket DBG shoes
Finally got the hands on Thanaz 887K from cultizm for $75 with free postage........best Bargain ever :)     Bought few more stuff from Nudie. They had great sales this year 50% off Tube Tom Gloom Blue Tube Tom Rinsed Open Indigo Couple of Organic Round Neck Tee's ( The quality is Exceptional and they are so soft )          
Thavar 888P
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