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Thanks for the advise.
Quick question to the guys who own Sonora Shirt. How do they fit ? Slim or regular fit ? If i wear small in Banana republic, Small in ralph Lauren  Custom fit and Medium in FCUK shirts which size should i get in Diesel ? can you please help TIA
Nice Knit.
  Diesel online store USA Only.
Straychev looking good Bro. Hope everything is well for you.
Phukette both outfits are great, especially 8SV.
It doesn't say that for 8BT or even on 8BS which i own. It only say's that on the original tags. what style and colour code it is. So you are safe. I double checked my tags as well just to make sure they are ok. What size is your pair ?
They look real to me. Where did you find a pair ?
They look real to me.
Don't worry.... it will just take some time. I started with Larkee and then moved to Safado's, Now i wear Thavar/Shioner/Thanaz. I would hate to go back to looser fits. Once you get used to skinny cut you will never go back to any thing else. My next up is Tepphar/Sleenker. As @Gpoop said skinny cuts are more flattering.
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