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@gloriouscafe outfit looks stunning.
They won't stretch much. May be half a size. Please add some fit pics.
Diesel Wilfrid Jacker  Nudie Grim Tim Dry Selvage Red Wing Chukka's    
Thanks. It's been a hot summer for us in australia so I am kinda looking forward to bit of cold weather.
Cool. what's the fit on these like ? Do they fit true to size ?
Thanks. can't wait for them to fade more. This will be my project for 2015.
Thanks for the comment on the jacket. No the shirt is BR flannel ( one of my Fav shirts ) it goes well with any jeans. I think for me Belther is no go, as i have tried Darron previously. For my body type they just sit slightly high on the waist, But i love the details on Darron.....Very cool cut and i love how it tapers very well and stacks good too. I had Darron 75L but i had to sell it because of how they sit on the waist.
DC, add some fit pics man
Nice fit on the Belther @jeanetic. Every Diesel style suits you man ( One set of good legs you got there  ) Do they fit similar to Darron or slightly slimmer ? Other question is do they sit high on the waist like Darron ?     Diesel Leide Leather jacket. Autumn  is here in Australia, so it's time to take all my leather jackets out.  
Update of the Grim Tim Dry selvage ( 1 Month )    
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