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Thavar 834A   http://probusnyc.com/collections/diesel-jeans-online/products/diesel-thavar-834a-jean
Thavar 834F   http://probusnyc.com/collections/diesel-jeans-online/products/diesel-thavar-834f-jean
She is only 3 years old, so i am good for now...lol  With vans they will stretch 1/2 size and they will be comfortable. Try wearing them with thin socks if they are still tight put them in microwave for 30 seconds and wear them straight away but be cautious as they might be slightly hot initially when you take them out of microwave.
Thanks. The lighting is not the best.......... trying out from a different room. It looks funny when i try to take pics from my daughter's room.
G- Shock watches. Madly in love with these two.        
Very Nice Phukette.    Thanaz 813Z ( One of my Fav's jeans ) BR Shirt Vans Sneakers    
Very nice.
I have the same jacket in black and I love it, but I paid full price for them 2 years ago. It's head turner. You should invest in it....you can always resell later on......I might buy it off ya.
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