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They look great. Keep em.
They used to fit perfect, after they got stretched. I don't own them any more. I sold them because they stack very uneven on any boot or sneaker.
DC very nice fades on your jeans. I am sure you are very proud of what you have done so far on your jeans. You won't know how hard the process is to breaking in a pair of raw's unless you own a pair. I like how you went to the beach and did all that. It takes lot of guts to do that in front of lot people, i will be very shy to do all that in a beach. Keep it coming...... 
Thanks DC. It is very hard process to breaking in raw denim, i am sure you know that as well, but i need to have more patience. I am planning to wear them all summer and then wash them next year. It's hard when you have so many jeans and all you have to wear is one pair. It's kinda heart breaking. 
Stick to 31 X 32 you will be fine, initially they will be tight but they will stretch nicely after few wears.
+1 @laisnata Very nice :)
Thanks man.
Thanks. I am planning not to wash them for a while, i want the indigo to bleed a little bit more. Maybe start of next year i will give it a try soaking them in cold water first and see how they will turn out. Thanks for the advice.
Thanks @Jennifer 
Thanks for the comment. Still debating if i should wash or not, looks like i am going to wear them more over the summer and let the indigo bleed more and then wash it i guess.
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