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He only has the stock photos of the jeans. Ask the seller for the real pics to see if they are real or not.
Beautiful jacket. So are you going to keep it ?
Nice Tee. You can tell more on the green tee that the jacket is short. Arm length looks good.
Thavar 814M
Phukette, Thanaz 8SV fit you perfect man. I am glad you like them.   @Sanibeldude @Wutzwagg @leftvapor Very nice outfit's guys.
DC, Very nice watch. Automatic watches are the best. I love my TAG Carrera automatic as well.
Thanks DC for the info. So they fit the same as other thavars then. With 829B i had size down 1 so do you think i will have to size down on these ? due to being Lyocell blend. How is the inseam do they rung long ? I am waiting for Giamatshop to get them in 32L and i am planning to order then. In australia i don't get to see these jeans with my own eyes, So i need to ask the members help before i buy any thing.  I am planning to get re-release of 8BT ( Type 242 ) as well at...
For the guys who own Thavar 883Z I have a quick question. How is the fit on them ? Do they fit tight or loose and how is the Inseam long or short ? If you can let me know that would be great thanks in advance.
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