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Thavar 834A Diesel Leide leather jacket Vans G-shock
I totally agree with Tape Ted. I sold both my pairs. After wearing them for few times they looked slightly weird on the ass, they sag quite a bit too. Which makes them very hard to wear if you have small ass like mine. You actually have to pull your jeans up every 5 minutes. After you mentioned i looked at Pipe Led and they look very big in the upper block. 
Nudie Tube Tom Blue Nights Vans Industrie leather jacket G-shock
Nice :)
Thavar 834A Red wing boots 8113 BR Tee
If you are happy with the pair you have just keep them. Worst case you can get the waist taken in if you want in the future. They look and fit you great IMO too. I am not a big fan of cuffing the jeans so i am not sure. Maybe some one else can help you with that. Thanks for the compliment on my jeans. I am only 7 months old in the Nudie Game. So far i have no complaints about their jeans. My fav is Tube Tom and Grim Tim ( Dry Selvage ) and their quality is amazing for the...
Nudie Tube Tom Blue Nights. Have a great weekend guys.
Great outfit and the jeans fit you perfect man, as Phukette said they sit very nice on the shoes. You should keep them.
The fit looks perfect from what i can see from the pics. If you are not happy with the waist return them and size down to 30. What i noticed with Tape Ted is the wait will stretch after few wears. I have sold both my the pairs after few wears. Definitely size down 1.
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