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Nice review DC. Hope your plans work out for you. Looking forward to seeing the knee rips.
Thanks for the compliment. I have to look into it. Its very tempting. 
They look great on you Fresh.
Tube Tom clean street Nudie sweatshirt Red wing iron Ranger
Nice buys @Fresh3 and @Phukette .   How is the fit on the Blk dnm & Frame ?
Hopefully i can find one for a decent price.
Thanks @Phukette , I know the guy in the stock photo looks funny. He is so skinny and wear medium, which looks way awkward. With Nudie i am 100% Medium in every thing and 32 x 32 in the jeans. If you looking for a nice leather jacket in black i recommend Jonny from Nudie. It's such a great jacket over shirt or a knit. I am glad i sold my Keith jacket, as it was very heavy. I didn't loose much from selling on Ebay, which was bonus. Did you receive your package yet ? I am...
Thanks @Dieselicious The Tube Tom sits slightly lower on the waist compare to Skinny lin, i am guessing due it's curved waist. The upper block hugs similar on the both. From knee down Skinny lin is slightly narrow and ends up to 15 Cms leg opening. From knee down Tube Tom is tight, but comes down slightly straighter to the leg opening of 17 Cms. For me both are great, especially Tube Tom, i got great bargain on them like half the price from the retail. My initial plan was...
Going all black today Nudie Tube Tom black black Jonny leather jacket Fcuk shirt Vans
Tube Tom Black Black.
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