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Fit pics please ☺
Buy it now $250 USD.
@Levislad nice fit on the sleenker.    I couldn't wear my Safado's any more so i just sold my last pair this week. When i first started wearing diesel...... they were my Fav cut.
Hahahaha Can't wait for the fit pics. I think when the time arrives for my nudie to be soaked i might need to get your advice on how to soak and wash.
DC, they look amazing. Nice buy dude and the vans look sleek.
Diesel Laleta jacket
Great Buy @jeanetic Love the bucket butch and Mid tops.
Go with your normal Thavar size. They will  get comfortable after couple of wears.
For sure man. I miss wearing them heaps. I look at them everyday and i don't get to wear them, but hopefully that's for a short period only untill i break these Nudies. They are hard to break in. I always wanted too do this for a long time, so this will be my chance.  Yes i am on instagram as well. I follow few people as well just to give me bit of inspiration.
Thanks for the compliment. GrimTim is going great it's been 2 months so far and there is Lot of honeycombs of the back of the knees. The jeans has softened up a fair bit and it's easy to wear now than before which had card board feel to it. I can see slight fading behind the knee and near the fly area. I think with nudie it takes long time to fade when compare to other raw denim. The jeans you are wearing looks like 811P and the fit looks good.
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