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They fit you great. I say keep em. I love my pair. It's a head turner and the details are amazing on this, especially the Swarovski crystal on the coin pocket.
+1 Great fit on the Thanaz 8S9 as well. 
Stay with your regular Thavar size. 
 Great purchases. Any fit pics on the jeans ?
Nice fit & Congratulations. Nudie jeans can take fair bit of abuse, so enjoy breaking in 
@Hawk i agree with you man. There is too much over flow of pics which doesn't interest me at all either. I think it was nice for a while but then it just got out of control. I would rather see guys wear their own outfit's to inspire me as well.
Nice topic. @CLarsson for the same reason i have kept few of my diesel jeans that i hardly wear them at all. Instead of selling them for $ 50 to $100 i rather keep them at least once in while i can wear them. As for diesel, they are not making any good pairs these days and the price is skyrocketing + overrated at times.    As for the raw denim it's the way to go i guess these days. I have 3 pairs of Nudie raw denim and i love them. They go very well with every thing,...
 @denimcollector Same here. I have been rotating all my classics 8X2, 74K, 805A, 888P....etc. I have bought Thavar 843S & 834A i think from last season, they have been pretty good pairs to own. But mostly i have been wearing Nudie. The quality and Price is great on Nudie compare to Diesel. I still wear my Grim Tim dry selvage too so plenty of options available. I have Hardly worn my 8BS lately at all. I have comprised my collection to 20 pairs now. It was getting out of...
Yes, Great pair of jeans @denimcollector . I got them for like peanuts on cultizm  $75 with free postage from Germany. I am surprised that they fit me perfect especially when you read the comments from other's who owned this pair, every one suggested to size 1 Up but i got my regular size 31 X 32 and they fit perfect. I worn them the other day for like 10 hours and my legs didn't hurt at all. Only problem i have with them is they sit very low on the waist compare to my...
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