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Latest purchases for summer in Australia.   Converse White leather Sneakers Starter tee  Electric Sunglasses Diesel shoes ( which i bought them few weeks ago )        
Nice Collection. I have been looking for old Thanaz as well. I had a pair of 8SV which i have sold to Phukette and i have a pair of 73V which was made in 2008 i think, beautiful pair.
Hey DC have you seen the 8bt remake in person ? Can't wait to get mine.
Sure. I am very lucky because once dieselicious bought that pair there is no size 31 available online.
Finally bought DBG Type 242 with help of @Dieselicious as my proxy....Such a nice guy. Very happy that i got 30% off as well. Now i can't wait to receive it.  
thanks mate.
How long is the sale for ? I am going to get my DBG Type 242.
Thanks. He already told me that he doesn't have that size. I dont know why he still has it on ebay.
Thanks man.
if he can confirm that he has size 32 X 32 I am happy for you to proxy me and I will pay all the fees.
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