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Yes I did size one up from my Diesel and it's a must for Nudie. I have tried GT Dry selvage last time when I visited Nudie and they are great. That will be my next project to by GT Dry selvage and try to wear it as much as I can.
@royce13 Great outfit mate. Welcome to the blog.
Hey DC, you mean @ glorious.
Very nice @glorious.
Nice Sneakers.
Thanks man. Nudie is such a great jeans and they do go very well with them.
Nudie Tube Tom Twill Rinsed  Red Wing Chukka 3140    
Red wing Chukka 3140. Bought second hand for decent price. They are in near new condition. They are slightly uncomfortable at present, but i am sure the leather will soften up after couple of months. Very happy with the purchase.  
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