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Here you go all the tags + lable on the shoe box.
You mean the inner tag ?
Retail at $180, but i got it for $49 on sale.
Thanks. You are spot on there with the black skinny jeans. That's how i bought this pair. I was wearing my Skinny Lin and walking pass the shoe store and tried them on and instantly fell in love. The canvas one are great too, but the leather on these is so soft ( Buttery soft leather )
Vans SK8-Hi Reissue Premium Leather
Thanks guys. @audit30 I would recommend Tube Tom, Lean Dean or Skinny Lin for you. If you need any help regarding the cuts, i am happy to help. Just PM me.
Nice review DC. Hope your plans work out for you. Looking forward to seeing the knee rips.
Thanks for the compliment. I have to look into it. Its very tempting. 
They look great on you Fresh.
Tube Tom clean street Nudie sweatshirt Red wing iron Ranger
New Posts  All Forums: