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Thanks for trying mate. It's fucking shit that people don't give a crap about the site......Such a shame.
http://probusnyc.com/collections/diesel-jeans-online/products/diesel-thavar-834f-jean?variant=938081753 There is a 34 X 32 Available.
Not too much. My pair just stretched nicely. I had to sell mine as it's very hard to match with clothing.
I agree with you Levislad & Shlomi No one hardly post these days due to this annoying spam. Hope things get sorted out so that we can enjoy the Blog again. 
I do own Thavar 834A the leg opening is 17Cms and fit on this Thavar is amazing they just snug your legs.The material is not worth the Blue Eyecom status but who cares when they fit you that good. Actually i am wearing mine today.
Very Nice Straychev. I have few Diesel watches and i love them. The quality is nice as well and they are made by Fossil company. Why don't you try ebay some times they have better deals than the mall.
Nice Levislad.
Nice buy DC. I am looking to buy a pair of raw denim as well in Nudie maybe for boxing day sales.
thanks for the heads up.
I am 77Kgs and 185 Cms tall. I am still thinking about Sonora shirt. Always wanted a denim shirt for a long time but not sure. I think i better try it before i buy it then.
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