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Thanks.  There is 2 versions of 8X2. Mine is the lighter version with lot of yellow fading going through the thigh area.....They are beautiful when the sun hit em. With converse they are brand new and they are leather, so they got bit of shine to it on the photo.
Thavar 8X2 ( Inspired by Straychev ) Sorry about the background mess in my daughter's room.  
Hey thanks. How is material like ? heavy and thick ? Can't wait to receive them, they look amazing.
Dude they look great. You don't have to size up or down. Thanaz is a great cut. Wish they didn't discontinued this cut actually.
Very nice straychev.
Diesel Thanaz 73V 32 X 32 In perfect condition Made In Italy     Please give me Decent offers  Postage cost 25 Euro's world wide with tracking number ( Happy to send as a gift to avoid tax's ) Payment : Via Paypal Only   For measurements please ask me   PM If you are interested.
Latest purchases for summer in Australia.   Converse White leather Sneakers Starter tee  Electric Sunglasses Diesel shoes ( which i bought them few weeks ago )        
Nice Collection. I have been looking for old Thanaz as well. I had a pair of 8SV which i have sold to Phukette and i have a pair of 73V which was made in 2008 i think, beautiful pair.
Hey DC have you seen the 8bt remake in person ? Can't wait to get mine.
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