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@Akito Great Purchase. They fit you perfect. Stacking is simply amazing.
Diesel Watch ( To qualify for the thread ) Nudie Tube Tom Industrie Leather Jacket Black Drivers
Great Outfit. Everything goes very well. It has similar look as Nudie Tube Tom, expect for the narrow leg opening.
   Every one is looking great. I am glad that every one started to add some pics. It's good to see that the page is getting active again.Thanks for the compliments guys.With Thavar 830P the leg opening is 17Cms not narrow as Sleenker or Tepphar. They just sit nice on vans.
Thavar 830P
I wear 31 X 32 in Thavar and in Tube Tom i wear 32 X 32. With Nudie you need to size up for stretch combination but with 100% cotton i did size down to 31 X 32 especially my Dry selvage. They did stretch 1 size. Hopefully this helps.
 Thanks.Thanks. You should try Tube tom you will love it. I never liked the low yoke on Thin Finn. I am not sure about Pipe led. Why don't you try Lean Dean ? i always want to see how they fit actually.
Thanks. The shirt is banana Republic.
Thanks. I did put the button after I took the photo. It did look slightly cheesy with button down.
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