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Thanks. I did put the button after I took the photo. It did look slightly cheesy with button down.
Night out on the town DBG Shoes BR Shirt Nudie Tube Tom Carbon Black
Thavar 886B for US $80 in Size 32 X 32   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DIESEL-THAVAR-0886B-Gray-grey-Mens-SLIM-SKINNY-JEANS-Made-In-ITALY-Size-32x32-/231675550540?hash=item35f0f05b4c
Thank you.
They fit you great. I say keep em. I love my pair. It's a head turner and the details are amazing on this, especially the Swarovski crystal on the coin pocket.
+1 Great fit on the Thanaz 8S9 as well. 
Stay with your regular Thavar size. 
 Great purchases. Any fit pics on the jeans ?
Nice fit & Congratulations. Nudie jeans can take fair bit of abuse, so enjoy breaking in 
@Hawk i agree with you man. There is too much over flow of pics which doesn't interest me at all either. I think it was nice for a while but then it just got out of control. I would rather see guys wear their own outfit's to inspire me as well.
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