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They look like ACNE Studios jeans.
Thavar 880I Red Wing Chukka's    
Nice Fit on the PRPS and Great photos of the family @jeanetic 
Great outfit @Hawk Love the shoes.
They look similar but the Pocket styling and the paint splatter is very different on the 8BS when compared to 8BT. My second pair looks more of an 8BT than 8BS when i placed them next to each other ( colour wise) May be even DBG Thinks that they should have release more pairs in the first instance as it was must have for diesel lovers. Maybe they never thought that it will be that popular . I guess that's why they re-released with 130 pairs so that it gives a chance for...
With 8BT & 8BS There is only 630 pairs available so I would say they are limited edition.
Here is the quick fit pic. I know my 31 fit me much nicer but i don't mind bit of comfort in the thigh area as they are very think denim and stiff. Tried taking more pics in side the house but it's very hard to get the actual colour/fadings of the jeans. Looks like when i have some time i need to take few pics in sunlight.    
@Dieselicious I think they are from pre- release show from Germany. that's what the seller mentioned. I have previously seen another pair with 0000 out 0000.
Very Nice outfit. Nice and simple.
I am glad you liked them and they fit you great. Enjoy 
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