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Thanks Phukette...... 887K is great. I am surprised that 31 X 32 fit me very well and i didn't had to size up. They are tight but in a good way. I am working tonight so i will add some fit pics tomorrow.
Tube Tom Gloom Blue ( great fitting jeans ) Industrie jacket DBG shoes
Finally got the hands on Thanaz 887K from cultizm for $75 with free postage........best Bargain ever :)     Bought few more stuff from Nudie. They had great sales this year 50% off Tube Tom Gloom Blue Tube Tom Rinsed Open Indigo Couple of Organic Round Neck Tee's ( The quality is Exceptional and they are so soft )          
Thavar 888P
Thavar 834A Diesel Leide leather jacket Vans G-shock
I totally agree with Tape Ted. I sold both my pairs. After wearing them for few times they looked slightly weird on the ass, they sag quite a bit too. Which makes them very hard to wear if you have small ass like mine. You actually have to pull your jeans up every 5 minutes. After you mentioned i looked at Pipe Led and they look very big in the upper block. 
Nudie Tube Tom Blue Nights Vans Industrie leather jacket G-shock
Nice :)
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