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No problem......Looking forward to it.
Hey DC, how did you go with the knee rips ? any update ?
Thanks for the pics. They look great. Add some fit pics when you get a chance.
Sweet i love the curved waist as well, doesn't give me the plumbers crack ......Add some fit pics when you get a chance. Looks like i will be more incline to skinny lin in the future, as nudie discontinued tube tom.
Thanks. Why don't you put a claim on Ebay saying that the seller advertised the jeans wrong, especially if you think they are used / stretched in the waist. Instead of you trying to fix the waist and may be they could be ruined while trying to do that. You paid a lot of money for this.....just saying.
@Dieselicious Can you add some pics of the jeans and If you don't mind me asking how much did you buy them for + can you add the measurements for me please.
Thanks. It's just a pain black jeans.
Skinny Lin Sweatshirt Vans
Same here DC. I have about 5 pairs as well, they go very well with Diesel & Nudie and so comfortable after few wears.
I think Xtuff is weather proof leather material. The pair i got is straight leather shoe. I was thinking of buying the them before, but they didn't have my size. Xtuff is a great pair as well. Like any other fashion item when release in mass numbers, generally they don't keep their value or increase in price. With vans lot of people are wearing them and very popular in LA and Australia. You see them a lot on Celebrities/Rap artists these days. Try selling them on Ebay you...
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