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I guess you have to be a stone mason then ;)
Hey DC, i was looking at that too. Actually the guy who owned the original pair was from Melbourne, Australia. They only replicated 300 pairs and i think they are all gone after one week of its release. Who ever got that pair is lucky. It looks like lot of work involved. The only bad part about it is, It's made in Tunisia.
My 8X2 and my 830P fit the same in the knee and the shin area, but in the waist i feel 830P sit slightly lower. I haven't noticed any shin pain at all...i was wearing them all day yesterday. They do snug quite well around the legs and keens but not as tight as my Thanaz 74K. May be you need to size 1 up just to be comfortable. How is the waist ? Loose or Tight ?
Thavar 830P  
It's 21.7 Inches.
Looks very classy.
Thanks Bro.
Thavar 888p
Where is the link for 888p ?
Man that is a great fit and only one photo ? 
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