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Naked And Famous Reverse Fade.         White is the Color of snow So pure and free of sin inside a piece of lightening White is the color of a striking bolt of righteousness Worthy of praise the wondrous peril White is the color of an eyeball.  Reverse Fade is the new Punk Rock.
Naked And Famous Red Core. The hide side. The morning light really shows the red coming through. I like the horizontal lines. I would like to know the kind of weave this is because I like it.  
I like jeans. Do you like Naked And Famous jean? I do. On march 26th 1966 I was born. I was in Detroit at the time. Jump to 1981 and my body was moved to Houston. I'm glade my parents moved. Now I have to boys. The 1st on is Jett Texas. The next to show up was Ford Putnam. the end.
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