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Are these real, how old are the tags?
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke i wish i could just find one! What size do you need?
Can a MOD pin this as a superthread and keep it at the top of the page
Quote: Originally Posted by jr008 X-Rotuck 796 and Zathan 82N (32x32) I can help you out, contact me If anyone got a pair of trouleg 8bi in 31x30 or 32x30, send me a PM.
Hey, I got a 2003 zathan 772 in 34x32 in NWOT condition. PM if you are interested.
IBL, but I don't think they faked zathan 701
Clear the inbox please!!!
Those x-rotucks are horrible fakes
second that
Yeah I was suspicious, but they have some good deals on the site. Not gonna risk it now.
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