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  Isn't it the same? Unless you meant the five digit number? What does that number refer to?
I got 28. If I go down a size I can't button all the buttons. I hope they don't stretch too too too much?       If you will excuse iphone quality and my terrible photographic skills:   Flash was on for this one. Sorry.   Realising the deficiency of iPhone as a camera, I can take pictures of specific details you want to see (or the whole thing, but be prepared for a blurry pic ...)
  480 before tax... crazy huh...    163D004A0184 C500   I didnt realize how much more expensive they were than 19cm, but the SA was more excited than I was about having raws in 17.5 for the first time. I tried on the jakes too but the SA recommended the raws because they had quite a bit of stock of jakes but quite little of raws. At least I know my size in this seaso's jakes is also sz 28 :)!
Thanks for the advice! I just got 17.5 mij raws from the NYC Dior homme store (moved to soho) in size 28 and yes the store just got them today! They said they had pretty limited stock. So heads up people!
Thanks! By cut do you mean 17.5, 19 and 21? I was thinking of pre-ordering 17.5 from 2012aw from LVR, so I guess I should wait until someone posts the sizing from this season?
Thanks for your reply sirgrotius! I went to saks to try on some 19 mij bleu fonce (I think they were) sz 28 today, and they weren't tight anywhere but waist, though I could still close the clasp. And then I tried on a pair of 17.5 super slender sz 29, and they were very tight around my thighs but loose at waist. So I was wondering if it was because of the super slender cut, or because of the difference between 19 and 17.5 (I had thought 19 and 17.5 were the same from...
Hi, I'm new to the forum  and need help from you guys   I've never owned a pair of DH, but I've been meaning to get a pair of 17.5 mij. All the skinny jeans I have measure 15" at waist (flat). I don't need a belt for my jeans but they aren't tight at waist either. What tagged size would you suggest I get for DH 17.5? From what I've gathered by reading all the posts it will be either 27 or 28? Also, I'm 5'9, so will the stacking be too ridiculous if I don't have the...
New Posts  All Forums: