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FYI guys Spring Sumer 2015 SLP is out now in most usual spots (LVR, Mrporter etc) I got the 15.5 'ripped knees'. Super clean cut and wash imo
Very cool man!I can't pull off their tee's as I'm quite bulky up top. The Large is too small but the XL doesn't fit my height and shoulders very well - comes up short (I'm 6'3) :( 
two new pairs 16cm leather  16cm grey bleach
Got a business meeting today. Going straight casual as I want the new entrepreneurs to feel relaxed around me.  Excuse the wifey room :)
Hey guys, I'm selling my black waxed 19cms, size 29". They have been worn maybe 2-3 times. Pic here http://www.denimblog.com/c/content/type/61/id/111741/width/500/height/1000/flags/LL £250 posted. Let me know if you are interested. 
anyone? http://www.upscalehype.com/2014/09/usher-wears-pyer-moss-camouflage-biker-jacket-and-rick-owens-island-dunk-sneakers/#g=6
They are 99% cot, 1% elastane. 
Hey guys, been a while. Picked up some new SLP from Paris.. They are a ridiculously beautiful wash, so nice in real life that the picture does no justice. They are almost an identical wash to the under my car dior wash from the hedi slimane era. 15.5 cut. I bought them in a size 31 here as 30 was too snug / skinny. I think if I had the choice now I would have even gone for the 32, but what do you think of the fit? Excuse the wife's makeup room as usual ;-) she has a...
I would say 30 for a snug fit and 31 for a regular fit. They fit true to size, I was a 29" in almost all dior homme and both the 31 fits perfect. 
Since Dior is pretty much dead, how about we get a Saint Laurent sub forum going? The denim I feel is incredible and very close to Dior in fit, since Hedi Slimane is designer. The price point is much more reasonable, when compared to the current £450+ price of Dior washes, the £250-325 price point is much better. This season there are some really beautiful washes out. As you guys who are regulars here might notice I have put on a bit of weight since recovering from...
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