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big petrol head here : -) My first car was a honda civic type-r. I got quite lucky in business since then soooo... this is my current beast.    
yep, confirmed 
Definitely not shiny. Up close, they just look like a slightly treated black MIJ. In a brighter room / outside they look exactly like the Deep Diving waxed from 2011: 
Never posted in here before... but hey! Rick Owens bomber jacket Visvim 'pocket' charcoal tee Dior waxed black secular jeans Common Projects black lowtop leather sneakers
well, here they are. 19cm black waxed (secular on LVR) in size 29''. Pretty much perfect comfy fit for me. Going to be wearing these hard throughout winter!   
Please, dont. Balmain are HORRIBLE. Overpriced, under-quality garbage worn only by bad taste rappers. 
Has anyone ever owned / tried the 19cm waxed black? I want to order them but not sure what size to get... I take a 29" in black mij and in most 19cm washes, so I'm thinking I will need 29" in these too...
getting a few PM's asking about the sizing - The SLP run true to size. I take 29" in most Dior, so took a 31 in SLP as you know Dior run 2" larger than tagged. My actual waist size is 30.5".  The shoes in that pic are Visvim fbt from a couple seasons ago. 
Here they are! I have to say, I am really happy with them. These are the 17.5 cm cut from the current collection.. They ALMOST feel like Dior, the fit is quite similar in this 17.5 cut. The denim quality is not quite as nice feeling as Dior, but the wash is certainly better than anything from this current season imo.  Some pros and cons:  + Comfier than Dior. Slightly looser fit around the top, nice and fitted down the leg. + Good wash + Normal inseam, not super long. I...
I know this isnt the place for non-dior denim, but I just picked up a pair of SLP 17.5 washed denim from MrPorter. Will post some fit pics when they arrive and see how they compare to the dior 17.5's  cheers bros!
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