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Cool. Cause I think that wash is all cotton( no stretch)
that 8pn looks pretty sweet.Any idea of fit if im a 31 in thavar?
That's what I'm lookin for Baltimore. Classic blue. Some fading, whiskering.Let me know if you find anything worthwhile. Saw the new 806p thavar yesterday. Might be the one?
Hey AahzDefinitely close to that 880i color. Safado not my cut though. I'm more thavar, thanaz. Have you seen the 806p?
I have those. One of my faves as well, but I'm thinking along the classic "blue" jeans color.Saw the 806p at the store yesterday...kind of like that I guess.
A question for the seasoned veterans of the blog. Which wash, in either thavar or thanaz, would you say, would be the epitome of the classic faded light blue jeans?
These were ordered online. Worn less than 5 times.
These were worn a few times. Realized i need to size down. Mii Guaranteed Authentic or double your money back
Bought these recently at a Bloomingdales sale. Tried on in the store and then at home. Realized they were a little big on me. Asking $200. Mii Guaranteed authentic or double your money back.
Not real crazy about viker cut, but where would the krooley be in December?
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