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Thanks Levislad,Cant wait for them to come:)
Ordered a pair today from England, based on your pics. They look pretty sweet. Also own those same converse Varvatos
Thanks Aahz
@leftvaporJust went through your posts. Those 8880m look pretty sweet, and im guessing, versatile.Question: do they come stacked or flat? Im 6' tall and always bought 32" inseams, but been noticing that people been getting shorter lengths. Any tips?Also noticed you put them up for sale...just get sick of em?
@leftvaporThanx bud.Trying to find myself the all-purpose classic light blue jeans. Really like the 880i, but safado not my cut. Never seen the 8880m in person. Trying to get a feel from all the pics online, but lots of variance.Will keep trying to find that perfect pair
Gaining muscle
Anyone own the thavar 880m? Is it a glorified 8x2? Looking for a light wash. Trying to decide between that and the 8880m
It's killin me. Most of my stuff is big now
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