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801b coming in thavar ??When?
New fanker 801b in 30x32. Got these hemmed to 31 with original bottoms then realized im not a fan of boot cut. Worn once. Literally. $175 obo shipped.
Really???!!!Even though they are 100% cotton?I tried on both a 32 and a 31, which I was able to get into but a little tight. The salesgirl said to go with the smaller size:(I thought I learned my lesson with my thavars (looks like im carrying around a pound of poop in my ass)
Sorry guys no DBG sizing advice. But did order my first pair of Nudies In Grim Tim dry dirt. But now Toulouz scaredme with his 32 size???I'm a 31 in thavar usually , so I ordered the same in the Nudies. Do they not stretch at all? Sorry in advance for nudie jeans question on this forum.
WWhat size are your Nudie grim tims?
Aahz you got good taste my friend. Just picked those 660q up from ssense a week ago. Waiting to be delivered.
Got my regular thanaz thavar shioner size
Thanks Levislad,Cant wait for them to come:)
Ordered a pair today from England, based on your pics. They look pretty sweet. Also own those same converse Varvatos
Thanks Aahz
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