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Hey @leftvapor Was looking into buying these online. How nice is the wash? Saw that u were saying they're a bit tighter than your other tepphars. Im also a 30 waist in tepphar, should I go for a 31 in these?
The 68z tepphar are a sweet pair
Great jeans. Have some finns and grim tims myself. Very soft and comfortable. Their raw selvage jeans are bomb as well.Try the grim tims phukette, those would fit u better.
Picked up a pair of tepphar 68z yesterday , for a good price. Similar wash to the 801b we've been discussing. Maybe ill just keep these instead. Sweet
When I spoke to the guy , he sounded pretty clueless. Mind you this was at a nyc flagship store.What should I tell the manager, specifically, if they are able to order these?Thanks in advance @dieselicious
Same here:)
No luck on them ordering for me. Said its not in their system and id have to order it myself:(Shame. Really like this wash. If anyone could help out, would be greatly appreciated.
Where'd you score the 8880m?Just picked up a pair myself on eBay.
I have a pair I picked up a week ago. worn once, mint. 31/32Let u have em for $200 shipped
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