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Selling these impossible to find krooley 801N in 30x32. These were tried on but never worn. Perfect! Free shipping in the U.S. Pics can be seen on Ebay.
Expecting any cool tepphar washes this season?
Ye@dieselicious Yeh saw em at the diesel store yesterday. Wasnt all that impressed. Looked like a dirty 801c reissue. But maybe was just me...
Sounds good @Lorna.
AnAny idea when they expect that special edition thavar out?
Still for sale?
some dude on ebay has em. A bit pricey at $250 U.S.U think that wash is worth it?Never seen them in person but look real nice in all the pics ive seen.
Any of you guys familiar with Tepphar 8y0? Seems like a cool wash. Not sure if it runs big or small or if I should get my usual 31 that I wear in thavar or go with a 30 that I have my other Tepphar in(880r).
Hey @leftvapor Was looking into buying these online. How nice is the wash? Saw that u were saying they're a bit tighter than your other tepphars. Im also a 30 waist in tepphar, should I go for a 31 in these?
The 68z tepphar are a sweet pair
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