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So what does that mean? You guys think they're fakes? From nordstrom rack? Pics to follow...
Hi All, Just a quick question that maybe someone knows the answer to. Found a very pretty braddom 885r wash at a local nordstrom rack store. Got a great deal on them, but when I got home and tried to look them up online, They were nowhere to be found. Found some 885r safados and a larkee(which both look completely different), but no braddoms. They look like almost a raw denim with washed out thighs front and back. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped.
Hey phukette, How is that 74y wash? Its funny but I own a lot of the same washes as you. Very similar tastes.
Hi Which Sizes do you have available?
Quettinger: Why didn't you tell me that you bought them second hand? Why didn't you tell me that they were washed a sh*tload of times? So much so that the label was washed out? Because your a crook. Hopefully you wont do this to anyone else. Remember, what goes around...
sorry bout yhe spelling.  spell check only works when its not needed :)
Haven't posted much , but enjoy this thread pecificallys for all the great ideas:) Thought i'd put my .02c in.  Careful buying anything from Quettinger.  He sold me a pair of braddoms that I later learned he bought 2nd hand and washed repeatedly. Killed the sweet stacking and color, then just blew me off. So just be careful with him.  Dishonest seller.
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