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  Thanks sirgrotius for sharing your opinion ! Im going to look into that. An yeah thanks sneakers are Balenciaga arena pleated version which i really like, and boots are Opening ceremony. 
same thing the fit seems off to me, but why is what im looking for, like msalonen im wondering if i shouldnt go for 17.5 fits instead or maybe im 1 size too big or sthg 
i dont get what you question is ?    identify ? but you said yourself jake 17.5. Do you want to know what season/year maybe ?    unless you mean authenticate ? there is a dedicated thread for that though 
hey bolimachine, you can try here on denimblog buying and selling section, but its true attention here goes more to diesel and other brands a good place could be sufu (here) or just set up some ebay auction
looks good on Brandon flowers   jeanetic : what happened to your camera, we can see better usually    i must say its not always easy to get good lighting
Anyway, fake or not, in my OWN opinion, they look aweful !!
  Man, stop that nonsense !! You look very good in DH. (+ please, you do are thin c'mon) I can't say about stacking amount, im starting to think its really what you feel most comfortable with but about fit, theres no question its great on you. 
navy twill is cool :) like the blue shirt fit but less its pattern    and your entitled to a life you know     will fight spam with u but studying a lot right now too
about the tee, its for the best i like the jakes, whats the watch on the first outfit ? 
guillowatt very nice + cute dog   can you guys help me decipher what wash this is ? rack rail ? Thanks  
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