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Hey, i thought instead of starting a new thread ill reply yours. Just received a pair of Thavar 888P and i am not that convinced of them. But since the most of you are and this wash isnt that easy to get anymore, i wanted to ask you first, before i return them. Its size 34/34   I also took pics.   Price will be 168€ + Shipping (ships from Germany)   I hope, i can make anyone happy^^ If no ones interested, i gonna return that pair after the weekend.
Is that code still active ?
Does anyone have seen Viker 803W in person ? http://store.diesel.com/de/regular-straight_cod36348502dl.html
Thanks for your suggestions guys! Yes, I tried 33" in Thavar and its nearly the same in the legs and just a bit looser in the waist. I think i go for Braddom in 888p, the only thing i dont like in Braddom is that you can see the button closing. Also i tried Safado, that is definitely not my fit. So maybe i get these washes in Thavar and wear it just a bit looser.   Does anyone have seen the 801D in person, especially the blue one? On the Diesel site it looks...
Hey guys, im new here and i have some questions.   First of all, most of the best washes in the last seasons were released in Thavar. My problem is the really skinny fit, ive been rowing for years and have thicker, trained legs. When Thavar fits my waist well, its too skinny in the leg. Usually i wear Koolter and i go with 32 waist and even in Koolter the leg is very skinny. But now there are Thavar 888p, 801c and 801d and i want them^^ So i went to my local...
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