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For sale my DBG Excess size 28 Wore 2 times. Never washed. Perfect condition. Reason for selling: These are to tight for my likings. Asking € 75,- . or good offer. Excl. shipping Payment by Paypal.
When I translate that word for word in Dutch, it says you're going to take your 8x2's off.. I believe you meant the opposite :-pJust kidding. I like all the 8x2 fit pics but am I the only one who isn't that enthusiast about the wash? (Yes, I've seen them irl)@Sloan and Aahz: Thanks for the links to the Mil boots. Gonna grap those for this winter
Nice pic Drumedge! And respect for your wife given birth to 3 kids and still looking great!
Very stylish! Really great!Looked for the Mil boots, but hard to find..
^ Very bad G-star Elwood copycat
Interesting wash.. Have to see them irl.. Denim looks thin though.. But it's really an eye catcher!
Yeah, I'd like to know as well!!
No Diesel jeans or shirt this time..
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