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Great fit and color of the jeans! You went on a shopping spree! Nice!
^^ I agree
Nice boots Zuerst! Finally sale has arrived, so I bought: Got my eyes on some shirts as well, but I'll take the risk and wait for 50% off..
@Sanibel: 803W for sale: http://m.jeansonline.nl/nl/6555431/diesel-jeans-darron-0803w-p-27475 @Dieselolic: Great leather jacket!! Those Shioners are superb.
That's great, not! Then there's nothing left for us Dutchies when sale starts here..
Great! I'll get them as soon as sale starts here.. Did you pick your regular size?
Thavar 818v looks really nice! Haven't found them online yet, so where did you bought them?@Audit: spending money feels so great! Great buys!! Thinking 'bout Shioner 600R as well..My new shirt: This is my 2nd Sonora shirt and I must say that the 'Sonora' shirts are my new favourite cut!
I only have one Levi's shirt, so I can't really judge them in general. I find this shirt to fit a bit 'American': wide and short. It's not slim fitted and well cut as shirts from Junk the Luxe or Nudie.I bought these because I liked the look. My gf hates them, because of what Bilibili said: tablecloth look.. When you go to a campground, you'll mostly see tablecloths with red/ white and blue/white patterns :-p
^^Same here in Holland.. No sale yet.. One of the jackets I had my eyes on is sold as well..
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