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Thanks guys!The Denim shirt is partly Linen. It's not a summery thin linen shirt if you know what I mean. It feels like a normal denim shirt. It's this one (changed the color of my pic a bit):Today 807c with some old Replay shirt
If you don't like the culture here, why stick around? Denim love with GF at Amsterdam Open Air Festival yesterday.
DC, one word: Amazing!
Got my eyes on a leather jacket.. 50% off would be great! (Lagnum or Lophophora). But still no online sale in the Netherlands.. I'm afraid I'll bite the dust.. We'll see
^^ Same here.. Size down
Yeah.. Talking about getting old.. I started with G-star Elwood. Then came my Zaf and Zathan period. I recently noticed I had a lot of the washes that are now labelled 'classic' and are worth some. I just trew them away like carbage.. After a couple of years I had the Elwood with 96 on them and the Radar Narrow. Damn, those were tapered at that time. Started to get used to them. Wore my jeans baggy as well like the Diesel Cardiel. After that period I started to wear We...
Well, I have to agree with Karacho here. When reading your posts from the last days, I find you very "to the point". Some people might feel offended or might find you rude because of that. Maybe you can keep that in mind. Or not off course, that's up to you
Hey DC. The chest pockets are small indeed. The sleeves are a bit wide and the shirt itself is not slim fitted.. Overall, I like the Nudie shirt better. I've got the light Sonora shirt and it has 33% linen, so I bet that's why it's a bit wider as I'm used to. Still a great summer-ish shirt!
@Sanibeldude: this pic is from our style icon Karacho. I bet he is wearing a Slammer..@All: thanks for the compliments about the shirt, I'll post some more pics.Today a glimps of my new Thavar 807c with Sonora shirt. Double D again.
Thanks DC! Those 880W look great!! They are thick denim, but with a little bit stretch. So they are very comfy. Got my regular size as I wear my Diesel shirts (S). They were a tiny bit to large, but since they are raw denim, they shrinked to the perfect fit after one wash. I think I won't wash this one again till next Spring and then wash the hell out of them to get a nice light shirt. http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/organic-dry-denim/p/2204 @Phukette: love the outfit!!
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